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WTB: 2011 Lange RS 130

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I know it may be a bit of a long shot right now but there are a few of these floating around - looking for a 2011 Lange RS 130 size 26/26.5 8-8.5 if anyone has or knows of a pair for sale - thank you! 
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 Good luck at this point, most of the early production models out there were 27 shells. Sweet boot though. 
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Yeah I hear ya Phil,

I had a chance in March to ski this boot for half a day - I love my WC 130's but this new boot is so good!  The new liner blew me away - I may actually keep it in the boot & ski it!  Anyway, I found a pair for sale but they are the wide 100mm RS 130 - I need the 97mm - hopefully a little Las Vegas luck will roll my way..
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