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Storing rockered skis

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How do folks store their rockered skis off season? Is it ok to store rockered skis by hanging them by their tips? I have typically stored my traditional cambered skis this way, but I'm concerned that this might not be the best idea with a rockered tip ski

Thanks in advance for your advice
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 Its not a good idea with any kinda of ski IMO. why not just let them sit on their tail...
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 BushwakerinPA, Thanks for your input. I tend to agree with you. Will likely end up doing what you suggest. Just wanted to hear how other folks were handling this.
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I would have thought putting them base to base with something in between the tips would have been a good idea, but maybe someone more experienced can enlighten me on that.  I managed to rocker one of my slalom skis in a rather spectacular fall so perhaps I can get rid of that with some clever storage.  A friend rockered an old pair of fatties by driving a car on them with a brick under the tips.  Didn't really work much though.
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