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Special Award - Best Crash

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Don't post here a lot as I haven't raced in about 9 years.  Came across this little gadget in my Garage the other day and thought some of you would find interesting:


This was a special perpetual (notice little bands that are inscribed with that years winner) best crash of the Games award. Races were the International Firefighters winter Games at Lake Tahoe for 23 years, 5 days of racing.  GS, SG, Sla, Dual Slalom, Snowboard added about the last 10 years and had boarder cross too.

The team from Sydney Australia made this up and brought to games.  Best or funniest Garage Sale usually won.
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 This really may be suitable for the retro memories thread, eh?
Too funny....
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Thanks, Pete! I featured this thread (scroll down to featured threads). Let's see what other mementos are dredged up in spring cleaning!
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Here's my best crash.  I lost  a ski two gates from the finish of a Super G.  My helmet hit the electric eye and I actually recorded one of the faster times.  I disqualified myself.

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That's the spirit! 
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This is the best advertisement for wearing a Helmet I've ever seen.. was it the shnapps at the top or lack of breakfast at the bottom that caused this wee mishap-- bummed for you had the fastest time-buga!

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With three prior knee surgeries (and a fourth coming up next month) I had the DIN setting a little too much on the cautious side.  This shot was taken a few seconds before the crash as my right binding pre- released and I can be seen trying to transfer my weight back to my left ski.   Nice plant but it didn't work.....





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Tough break. Great photography to catch the moment...  Its a fine line when nursing an injury-on the other hand if you did crash you might not be able to ski for a while... again.


All the best for your 4th op

Regards Casey

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