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Hi all ,

I have had a really mixed bag of a season having only skied for 7 days due to a bad crash in Val d'isere in December.  6 of those days were spent in Chamonix in early March. 

I have, after A LOT of consideration and much research changed my skis for next year due to my injuries and wondered if anyone could give me some indication i have done the right thing !

This season i used Scott Crusade 189's which i found extremly powerfull on powder bowls but hidious on steeps, bumps and trees,  they also proved very heavy as a guide commented to me " you must be an iron man ! verrrrrry heavy"!

I had to ski wearing cumbersome knee braces as my medial ligaments were still tender so all in all everything seemed bulky and clumbsy.

On returning i decided to sell the Crusades on ebay, after a quick sale i embarked on a journey to find the perfect ski for what i
need to complete a typical european off piste week.

About me:

6'1", 90kg's, ski about 18 days per season, level 7, only use pistes as access to off piste, mainly sidecountry but am growing a strong desire for a bit of hike and ride.

So........ the decision was made and i purchased a pair of Scott Cruisair's 176 with a Fritschi Freeride Pro binding,  i was looking for a ski which can do it all, being agile, light, versitile regarding all a typical european off piste week can offer.

Obviously living in England i can not try before buying so my decision making was based on magazines, online review ( which there are hardly any !) and talking to ski shops, I am curious to know if anyone has the set up i have bought and would they be ok regarding my weight / height etc

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated !


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