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Going South” Sean Warman


Going South” is the latest video from Warman following Images and Concepts 2008. Featured skiers are Mike Rogan, Robin Barnes, Sean Warman and the US ski team. It is divided into three chapters with a special features section.  This section contains a short segment with Rogan, Barnes and Warman presenting their take on the importance of visualization, a video of some great skiing by the US ski team, and tutorials with a concise voice over description of what is happening in those clips. (Scroll down)


The three chapters are titled:  Hip Alignment, Tip the Feet, and Pole Action.  The chapter on hips covers the direction hips should face, legs turning relative to hips and how the hips and legs realign. The Feet chapter has a neat cutaway of ski boot(s) showing how our feet move inside the boot and how feet and legs move in a picture in picture set up while doing linked hockey stops and railroad tracks. The third chapter is on how pole action  varies with turn entry.


Being a video based on visualization there is skiing with minimal talking. Doesn’t appear to me to be directed at any particular group just a video of great skiing. If you need dialogue this probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy watching great skiers doing their thing than add this to your video library.


Available through Images and Concepts for  $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.


I also ordered Images and Concepts 2008 through PSIA-W as the copy I had was borrowed and I wanted my own copy to add to my video library. Unfortunately PSIA-W informed me that they no longer had it in stock so I emailed Warman to see if it was available directly through him. In an extraordinary demonstration of customer service, Sean passed some orders on to David Chan who had some copies left to sell.  David called me to confirm my mailing address and that I still wanted the video and informed me that he would be sending it right out. A terrific demonstration of the Service Model. Thanks guys!











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