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What new ski?

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Given the extreme discounts this time of year, I'm tempted to buy a new pair of skis.  Currently I have two pairs:  2006 178 cm K2 PEs with Rossi Axial 2 120 Ti and 2009/2010 175 cm Dynastar Twisters with Rossi FKS 140s.  Obviously the pair I would be looking to replace are the PEs if it's time, or just add to the quiver.  I'll be moving out east so while it was a great ski in CO its replacement may be something different that's more suited to eastern conditions.

I'm a fairly good skier and I ski basically everything here out west, but I don't usually drop anything.  I'm 23, 5'10", 165 and I'll be skiing almost exclusively out east the next two years.  Generally when I'm out west I'll ski groomers, moguls, trees, bowls, really anything that looks good.

I'm considering something rockered with a decent but not huge waist (95-105).  Some of the skis I'm looking at are the K2 Kung Fujas, Rossi Phantom SC97, Surface One Life, and Rossi Phantom Pro RC112 (bit wider in the waist).

Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations on what ski type to add as well as some recommendations on exact skis.  I'm fine everywhere else gear-wise and whatever the ski I'd probably mount another pair of Rossi FKS 140s.
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So after some research on the topic, I've also started to look at some of the Dynastar skis:  Legend Sultan 85 ($390) - probably too thin in the waist), Legend Pro Rider ($520), and Legend Mythic Rider ($560).  These seem like they may be more for carving the groomers, but they're intriguing and they may handle moguls better than most.  I also realize they're cambered, but I'm not totally sure if I want a rockered ski.  Of course the Twisters are great as a mogul-specific ski, but having a ski that handles them well isn't a bad thing in my book.

The one thing I don't like about the PEs is they're heavy and thus not very quick-turning.  It makes it difficult to ski trees with them as well as do moguls.  Perhaps it's my skills as well, but those are my thoughts on the PEs.  Overall I think they're a great ski, but those are the drawbacks I see with them.
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