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'02 vs '03 Volkl G3

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Is there any difference between this years and last years model (besides the graphics?)
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Flex is stiffer on the current version.

G30: P40 race construction but softer flex. Vertical sidewalls under cap. Full wood core. Basically same ski as Platinum but 4mm wider throughout. Dimensions: 105-69-92

G31: Same as G30 with rounded and turned up tail. Might be slightly softer.

G3 (01/02): Dimensions changed to 108-70-96 (good thing). Construction changed to basic cap design with alternating wood and foam strips for core. Much, much softer in flex (bad thing).

G3 (02/03): Basically same design as last year but much stiffer. Not as stiff as G31.

I recommend spending more money to get this year's ski just based on the stiffer flex. After demo of the 01/02 ski, I bought a second pair of the G31. I just wish it had the deeper sidecut of the current ski for better carving. You can find great deals on the internet for even current year models, but this takes patients and discipline.
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'03 version has two extra layers of fiberglass.
Next year the Vertigo name is gone. "24/7"? replacing it, might be a wood core on at least one midfat with integral binding.
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I own a pair of G30s (188), skied several days on the G31s (188), and own a pair of Vertigo Motions (01-02 Model, 184), and the detailed description in the prior post is accurate.

I tend to gun groomers or go off piste, so I like the stiffer models better, but the softer flex does make the '01 Motions easier in bumps. Also, the flex/shape helps with short turns/slow speed. If you're shorter, lighter, or less aggressive, you may want the softer flex.

We're talking relative degrees of excellence, the Vertigos are very good to great skis. Anyway, the new model has the newer shape, but a flex that's closer to the G31s, which is a nice, schweet spot to be in.
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I just got out for the first time on my 02 g3's, and I must say I loved them. I'd be curious to just try the 03, but I doubt that will happen. They didn't seem to soft in the flex at all, for me.
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Hey bicyclekick--

what are you specs? Ability, height, weight, etc?
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Originally posted by ski_steep:
Hey bicyclekick--

what are you specs? Ability, height, weight, etc?
5-9, 145 lbs, 19 y/o. ability = high 8/low 9 maybe?

The g3's were so amazing. Previous to them I'd been riding on intermediate gear, and the switch was really easy, and there wasn't much of a learning curve at all. It took maybe 6 runs (100 vert runs here in MN, mind you) to get my skiing back for the turns of the season...

I was a little nervous they would be too much ski. Ha! I don't know why, these don't feel over me at all.
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