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"Breakthrough on the Skis."

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I have read this book and found it quite good. Is Lito's new book "Breakthrough on NEW Skis." much different? Is it worth reading as well? What year was it published?
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the second book is actually quite good. If you have or have seen the videos, he basicly puts all the new shaped ski info in the videos into his book with some updates.
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They don't make the video in the format we use in Australia, so I'll just try and get hold of the book.
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I've read the new book (actually it's the only skiing book I've read). I found it pretty good, particularly the philosophy that many of the exercises suggested are just different ways of thinking about the same movement and you should use the one which works best for you.
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I am not sure they deliver to Australia or if they do it at a reasonalbe cost, but www.amazon.com, accessed through this web site, has the book.
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Also Skeeter, you may be interested in a similar book, "Anyone Can be An Expert Skier" by Harald Harb. Harald and Lito are quite good friends and did some collaberation while writing these books. "Expert" is also availabe through Amazon.

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Thanks everyone. I'll give Amazon a go. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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