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Bluebird, sickbird, giggty goo.

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 Havent you heard the bird is the word? BTW this TR may exceed your bandwidth.



todays condition

reported - 3 inches and suppose to be cloudly all day.
actual 6 that skied like a lot more with sunshine for most of the day.

Playerz all from stowe

Josh, Erik, Kyle, Jared, and 2 groms ellis and tyler

oh wait we need some actual music

Today was a total sleeper day at snowbird. The bird reported 3 inches and had at least double. The crust underneath wasnt a crust as the snow stopped it from refreezing. Overall best day off the western trip so far. noone came up. there was barely a full tram let alone a line anywhere on the mountain.

Our day started out and spent most of our day skiing these runs

I love 3 inch powder day at the bird as so does Erik

Hey looks its our photographer

Passing down the cirque traverse, we noticed elevated shaft had no tracks. so we guess why not be the first.

Jared later in the day does the same

Erik drops in for the first time.

We then met up with 2 groms from stowe. 

Tyler will out ski you and me.....he kept commeting how the snow was "thigh deep" yeah when your upside down.

Ellis representing Mount Mansfield Ski Club well

Oh yeah this tyler kid can ski as well

Erik sails into the sun


Ellis goes right, I was starting to think we were a bunch of left turning commies

Tyler is super sonic fast

This is what south chute looked like in HD if you click. Me, tyler and Ellis.

Next run Tyler is like can we jump off something? sure I ll find you a cliff.

I found a cliff

So I find this and proceed to get the funniest clip of the day.

"you know my steeze"  listen to those wonderful rocks under the snow that cause the 10 foot to FACE plant

I go poof

PSIA is trying to learn how to ski all they have to do is follow Tyler around for alittle

You can take the Kids out of the east but you cant take the east of the kid

Yep just like stowe right Ellis?

Josh why are we using a rope?

to ski more micro powder !


Kyle has the sickest line of the day.

Yep check out that cloudy sky

Well hopefully that sun goes away for some more snow tomorrow!
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Keep the bird reports coming.

I'm jealous, wish I was there.

Nice pics & vids.
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Coolio, sweet TR. thatrocks.gif
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saweet!  Good fun, good snow. Nice Job Josh. 
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Looks like you're having great fun Josh!  Keep the reports coming our way out East.  65 and sunny here in the 'burgh, but rain coming for the weekend (of course).
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superb trip evolving, following your progress with family and friends, its great, the conditions look tremendous..
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 Beautiful! And guess what? It's snowing!
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Sweet.  Keep the TRs coming ...
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Admire your ambition and very big of you to post soo many great trip reports.

Dig it.
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 a teaser for today

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 TR to come hopefully tonight
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Keep the reports comin Josh.

Unfortunately I've already switched focus for this season.

From now until Dec.

Today from NYC.
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Geart stuff. I'm Jealous. Too bad the resorts are all closing now.
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Originally Posted by Bluebear View Post

Geart stuff. I'm Jealous. Too bad the resorts are all closing now.

Not snowbird....

and Touring never shuts untill there is no more snow.
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