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WTB Kids' race gear

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Two boys racing next year.  One needs an SL in the mid 130s and a GS in the low 140s; the other needs an SL in the low 140s and a GS in the high 140s/150 range.  Coach insists on sandwich construction and plate.

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I have a pair of Elan RSX in 135cm if you're interested. No plate though. Very good to excellent shape.
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What age group/level of racing?  +-8 cm between SL and GS doesn't seem like much.  A friend has this year's Blizzard SL-136, GS-156 that I think they're selling.  Excellent condition.  I think they also have a few years old Head 141 SL/160 GS setup.  Let me know if you want their contact info.
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Thanks, all.

coloskier, I think you've underscored that, at least as far as GS skis go, I probably know just enough to be dangerous.

The twins will be ten next season.  One will probably be 5'2", the other 4'11", and both in the 90 pound range.  (Yes, one is very skinny.)  The shorter one raced in the Tahoe League this season, consistently finishing in the top 20% despite being a young nine among nine and ten year olds; he may move up to Far West next season.

Anyway, it sounds like we could be interested in both your friends' sets of skis.  Thanks.
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I agree with coloskier. A <10 cm length difference between SL and GS seem small. For that age and size, my choice is to go with no longer than low 130cm SL for both kids.
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