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Ankle Surgery - ATFL repair

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Hey all,

So this is my last weekend skiing for the season as i'm off to have surgery next Friday.

My Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL) is sprained to the point of being useless (I fall over alot when hiking downhill!! ), and my doctor is going to do a scope followed by a "modified Bostrom technique" to shorten and repair the ligament, probably involving an anchor screwed into the bone.

Has anyone here been through this procedure?  What's the pain & recovery like??

Also, and this is my biggie..... How was your skiing affected? boot pain? reduced ankle flex?

Thanks in advance for any advice! 
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So there's no bears with dodgy ankles?? 

Well i've just got back from the hospital, surgery went well, no pain, no sickness.... but then i'm still pretty high!!

6 weeks of non-weight bearing, then PT.... Hopefully back to full strength in time for next season.

Will report back regarding any affect on my skiing, but am still keen to hear any stories that may be out there?
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I suffered osteonecrosis to my left talus after a misdiagnosed fracture in 2005. I had two surgeries-one to drill out the dead bones with hopes that new bone would grow back under the articular cartilage and a cadaveric bone and cartilage graft in 2006 when the first surgery didn't work. After the 12 week non weight bearing and home PT program, I have no pain other than bone pain at my lower tibia when the screws get cold. But, I've noticed that my ankle wants to roll to the outside edge of my ski when I have the XC skis on. I thought it was just the ski track melting on one side (easy to assume with spring conditions) but the same thing happened with my new pair of roller skis. If you are still going to PT, could you ask the therapist if there's some exercise I can do to get me some better lateral stability.

In regards to your ankle, I suggest making sure you always have your orthotics in your shoes. I used to sprain my ankle frequently when I ran for exercise (prior to ACL recon #2) and it was because I overpronated (thanks for the flat feet, Mom!)

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