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Photo for analysis

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I submit this photo for comments on my colleague's technique, particularly her pole usage.

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I don't see anything that unusual - it looks like perfectly normal quadrapole technique to me.

Tom / PM
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(GASP!) She really wears YELLOW boots with a maroon and white jacket?! ewww!

[ April 26, 2003, 04:40 PM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Facinating, but can you please explain the edge change and weight
transfer process for a skier with three legs/skis?
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I suspect that three legged skiers is a topic that AC would probably like us to stay well clear of. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Tom / PM
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This attempt at synchronized skiing is flawed. You have to watch the leader's pole plant. Earn an eight out of ten.
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It's seems fairly obvious to me, in fact so obvious, I'm not going to bother explaining it.

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Arc, I thought that was the 'phantom foot' move you talked about in another thread.
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I'm in total agreement with Oboe....yellow boots are so out of style with ANY jacket color! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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This is the "progressive scan" trouble Bob Barnes referred to.
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There is NOTHING WRONG with YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!! or being absorbant and porous for that matter

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Nice outfit, but effect is rooned by loud boots. She must therefore not be an advanced skiier. Despite having twice as many poles as most skiiers.
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HEY!!! I have yellow boots, and they look fine with black pants... (also, it was the only color they came in that year) Of course, I only have two, not three.
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Yellow and black is fine, it means you are an expert skiier, but when you add maroon...back to Intermediate with you!
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I am disappointed and disheartened by this discussion.

I had a dream that we would one day live in a world where a skier is judged, not by the color of their boots or jacket, but by their rotary movements, edge control, balance, and pressure. Clearly, that is a dream yet unfulfilled.

'Course, in that same dream every valley was to be exalted, and every hill and mountain would be made low--something which, fortunately, hasn't happened yet, either.
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Originally posted by daevious:
'Course, in that same dream every valley was to be exalted, and every hill and mountain would be made low--something which, fortunately, hasn't happened yet, either.
Yeah, cause if that happened, what would lifties do for a living? You see, the world would be left with a bunch of unemployed lifties, and I dread to think what would happen then.

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Daevious, A serious picture? Who would have guessed.

IMHO, hands inside hips gives a narrow range of motion for balance. Hands close to body makes it hard to "drive" forward.

Notice I never commented on the boots. I use to ski with a British Grenadier's Feather Bonnet. It was helpful for my ski club memebers to either find me....or hide!!!
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Originally posted by KeeTov:
Daevious, A serious picture? Who would have guessed.
OK, K.T., I should have used smileys. I'm almost never serious. : Good comments, though.
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orrighty, this is what you should've said to get the ball rolling: is there a slight a-framing happening?!
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Ant, are you serious about the A-Frames? Thiose aren't even Oakley goggles she's wearing.
Please, this is an intelligent discussion about skiing, and you're off talking about the sort of eyewear the skier has. :
I mean, if you want to get down to the levels of co-ordination, it's great to see someone who has baskets that match their boots. That takes a certain level of style.

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WTF WTFH, at least she is wearing eye protection of some sort whereas you're talking about baskets? She isn't carrying a basket surely you can see that in her hands she has poles and nothing over her shoulders or arms? She hasn't even got a rucksack on so who knows what you are going on about.

I move to strike WTFH's comments from the record and WTFH from the forum.
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You can move all you want, in fact I'd prefer if you'd move away from Cambridge, and make way for a real man...

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I don't live anywhere near Cambridge. If you ever listened to a word anyone said you would probably know that! As for a real man.... it's not a real man she wants, it's only me.

Having wathced Good Will Hunting last night the whole thing seems a little silly now so I may have to go see a girl!

Anyway enough about that. Oh sorry I didn't take the mickey about you implying you're a real man but I think I'll let the laughter eminating from computer screens all around the world answer that one for you!!
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