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So, You Like to Sail?

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 Watch this video and feel the pucker.  If I have it right, I skied that day at Whistler, just a few miles away.  Check the wake when they're hitting close to 20 knots.  At the end it looks like they're sailing on nothing but the rigging.

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Great vid!  I'm not a sailor but a power boater, however, I can appreciate those sea conditions these sailors were going through.  Looking at that weather map in the beginning section with all those tightly running isobars means only hell out there on the water, better to stay in port in a snug marina!
Notice how fast they removed sail when those winds went over 45knots...great boat handling in following seas, must have a huge rudder to keep that boat from broaching in those swells, I'm impressed to say the least... !
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Thanks for sharing that.

Those folks are extreme!  Have sailed some in weather but nothing like that, WOW.  To even consider racing in those conditions says a lot about sailboat racers. 

If you have not seen it find a copy of "Wind", if you can.  It is a look at Americas Cup racing, forget the plot it is about the sailing.  That is as close as I have seen to being sailing pron, like this clip.
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 The guy on the main sheet must have been pretty tired by the time that was over.
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Marvellous how it's all smiles right up until that sustained burst above 50 knots.  Anything above 50 knots always tends to focus the mind.


That J seems to have handled the conditions very well indeed.  I didn't see the nose burying at any stage, and the crew didn't seem to feel the need to move into the stern.  Nice work.

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