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marketing skiing via social media

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I don't use some of the better known forms of "social media" and barely heard of some of them, but still found this to be an interesting article by Ken Castle on use of Social Media for ski marketing from March 2010 issue of Ski Area Management Magazine:


Highlights/article excerpts:

Online communities (such as epicski) are mere flirtations compared to the engagement potential of Social Media.

Social media gateways Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube are now fully validated and serve a voracious user group that demands constant feeding.

Participation rapidly increasing and age demographics edging upward.

Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz says online video has become the most powerful tool in destination ski marketing, especially in the early season. Consequently, they've pulled back significantly on long-lead magazine print advertising in favor of real-time messaging through social media.

Web monitoring services such as Vocus and Radian6 help marketers track relevant social media activity.

Trash talk and rumors can spread like wildfire, the trend of top management having a direct and personal “voice” can be a powerful communications tool to calm the angst because it carries credibility and gravitas.

There is no returning to the old days of managed information and the hard sell. If you spin a snow report that anyone finds questionable, the contrarian posts will fly like darts. If you use Twitter and Facebook only to sell something, users will castigate you as a spammer.

With the benefits of social media comes the need to understand the rules of engagement. The formula for developing a positive relationship with online communities is to be honest, informative and entertaining.
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Live Video cams from the area's over shadows made-up slick's in magazines. Things are changing - video's (hardware and internet) are becoming affordable to smaller areas. People can see (and want to see) real time whats there and happening before getting there. Big dollar advertizing layouts and giving reporters freebies for great write-up's are coming to a end rapidly.
Not to mention instant pictures and video from individaul cell phones.
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Vail Resorts is now fully embracing it.

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The Snow Squad sounds like a nice skibum gig at Vail, a little like what epic poster Thiago did at Sun Peaks this season:  http://www.sunpeaksresort.com/multimedia/mediacentre/article.aspx?newsId=4856
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