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Discussion on a Few Animations Just for Fun

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First let me say these animations are excellent. Great job.

In these animations are the feet to close together? With the new shape skis, instructors seem to be teaching the feet apart. Here in these animations the feet are closer together than what I have been instructed on recently for the new shape skis.

The back pedal bumps side view is excellent animation. One improvement may be to keep the head level during the animation. This would emphasize the lower body movements needed in the bumps.

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Bob has very narrow hips, hence a narrow stance.

The guy is about 6"0" tall and may weigh 150 pounds after xmas dinner.

I'd guess a 28" waist.
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Hi catskills, I have no set distance between my skis they go apart or come closer as I ski different terrain and maneuvers, I don't think about it, it just happens, like you sometimes take bigger or smaller steps while walking, it's all dictated by whatever you are doing at the time.

Forcing your stance wider than is comfortable for you is not neccessary as long as you have independent leg action and can get the edge angle you want without booting out.

For me six inches apart accomodates as high an edge angle as I'll ever use. Some, like dchan in his videos, are comfortable with twelve inches or more between the boots.

BTW, the shaped skis can be skied just like the old straight ones if desired, even with feet glued together, only then the inside ski has to be pulled up to half-calf when edging hard so as not to boot out.

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Hi Catskill--

I'm glad you like the animations. Here's a newer (improved?) version of the Basic Parallel Turns animation that I think you are referring to in particular:

You are right that my stance is not "wide." But it is very much "open," allowing the all-important mechanism of "independent leg steering," and it is sufficiently wide to promote all the edging and tipping movements needed for these turns. It is probably a bit wider than it may appear to you, too--I'd say there are at least 6" between the inside edges of my skis throughout these turns. Appearances can deceive.

The only time you can really see how far apart skis are is when the skier is coming straight at you, not turning--and I'll bet you'll be too busy diving for cover to notice stance width then! Look at this illustration to show how LEGS can be close together, even in an open stance:

A stance any wider would be unnatural for me (not necessarily someone else) in these gentle turns, would involve unnecessary work, and would require me to have to contort my legs to maintain the same edge angles. These are very relaxed turns, fairly low speed, with only gentle edge angles and pressures to manage.

I rarely think about stance width in my own skiing, and it varies widely (and narrowly!), depending on the circumstances.

An open (not necessarily wide) stance is critical for independent leg steering, which is perhaps the defining, fundamental movement of contemporary skiing. Wider adds more power to the leg-steering mechanism, and I'll allow my stance to open wider when I need this power. Wider also allows the legs to tip more, and my stance will open substantially when I get "more dynamic" with higher speeds, steeper hill angles, and higher edge angles.

A wider stance also enhances the ability push your body (center of mass) left and right, which is important when making sudden, unanticipated, changes in line. But when the CM is already moving the direction you want for continued balance, there is no need to disturb its motion. These relaxed turns in the animation simply don't require a stance any wider than my relaxed, naturally open-but-not-wide stance. My stance is comfortably narrow here because it CAN be, but certainly not because it HAS to be!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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