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Missing Something in Canada?

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Hey All,

Im questioning something... are we missing something truely magical in Canada? Im talking about proper Apres Ski...

i know, there are some good ones around (i have limited experience, so dont flip out on me for not knowing the gems of Canada), but in general...it just doesnt seem to be consistent... and if we do.. its Irish Pubs or CHiq bars... WTF is this?

Ok. Im from Ontario. Blue has sort of a decent Apres Ski. My winter stint out in Alberta was... well... ok I guess for Apres Ski.

Fernie -> Almost good... but just short of the mark (I seen some posters ranked best in Canada laying around the bar... reaallly?)
Nakiska -> Apres What?
Sunshine -> Debatable if that coutns as Apres Ski
Lake Louise -> Same as above
Revie -> I guess in time.. but there plans are only for more Irish Pubs and non-alpine restaurants
Panorama -> Am I being too hard on these resorts?
Kimberly -> maybe its an RCR thing... but one of the better close to the town experiences

When I was in Europe, something magical existed. Maybe i was just caught up in the excitement, maybe I was biased and held up too great of a bar for Canada... but the Apres Ski there was great. Ski on the slopes, near the end have a stein or two, come down to the village and just enjoy the night. none of this changing out of your ski outfit. Everyone had their skis outside, goggles on their head and the drinks were flowing.

Why dont we have this as common here? And why irish pubs? I know its a safe place in terms of we know what to expect.. but where are the Swiss/Austrian/German places, where Steins of beer are had, warm Gluehwein, Jaeger, radlers (those delicious lemonade/beer concoctions, Fondues and Schnitzels...?

Whats alll of your opinions? Is this something that cant be transfered over to Canada?
Am i way off the mark with my wild acquesations of not having great ones here?  Or would you guys be interested in something Authentic, such as a proper Swiss or Tyroler Haus? One with Fondues, with massive steins of beer, and where yodoling is encouraged ;)

Your comments please?
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They're a dull lot.  Good manners though.

Quebec is fun.

Might be time for a road trip, to Killington.

So what's your opinion of a good place for post skiing partying.  What do you like in the US.

There is no comparing anything to Europe.
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I'm a non drinker so I'm not here to party, just ski. However I have been told by ski bus tour guides that the partying at Big White is what their Vancouver clients enjoy. I think that they have live music most weekends.
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Oh I don't know about that. In my experience Aspen can be just as much of a party as Zermatt (although Zermatt's culture can change from week to week). I do agree that the Beast of the East (Killington) can be a complete zoo.

Fernie had a lot of places to unwind. It just was not obvious where to go for the biggest party and it was prety clear that the locals were doing the hardest partying. If you know anything about locals, they abhor having tourists interrupt their good times. So it's not surprising that a casual visitor would find Fernie short of the mark. I did, but only because finding the party was not high on my list. I could smell it though. Fernie had fresh snow after a long draught when I visited. You could feel the vibe on the hill as the locals went nuts as new terrain opened after avie control. You could overhear tons of folks who shut down their day job to come skiing and feel the "snow day off" vibe in town apres ski.

Whistler proves that Canada can do apres ski. Any place that has a store called "Death by Chocolate" is ok in my book (yes I know that is only an indirect clue about partyness), but they used to (still have?) have a strip club in the village so I don't really need to say any more. Their end of year freestyle comp party is world class.

Banff was small town but rockin' while I was there. No complaints for its size.

If one of my trips to Jackson Hole during New Years is representative, I may have the answer for you. While I was there, there were 53 bus loads of Canadians in town. Rumor has it they were remarkably well behaved as only 12 were arrested on the first night (as opposed to over 50 the year before). Given the aroma of alcohol wafting from the lift line (not individuals mind you, the entire lift line), it was clear to me that a prime Canadian export was "PARTY!".
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There was a little joint down the road from Huntahhhh that we used to stop at for a couple brews (and shots for those that weren't stuck driving) while listening to live music and playing foosball and pool before returning to civilization.  Some folks danced too.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

They're a dull lot.  Good manners though.

Quebec is fun.


St. John's and Halifax are fun too. :)

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Of course the Mangy Moose JH and the bar at the bottom of KT22 chair, a couple pubs in Tahoe City are good but the best I have eveer experience is TEA time at the Portillo Lodge - yes sort of civilized but great friendly gathering.

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