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3 feet in 3 days! AK off the chain

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Valdez then Alyeska... bottomless light powder and not a soul in sight, quarter sized flakes, all lifts spinning. Apparently I was the only table of the day at the restaurant at the base. My first trip out here and now one of my favs.

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Ski season isn't ending, just moving north. I hope no crowd meant fresh tracks all day. 
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That would be April in the Chugach, and all of that day light too.  Plus there is about 270 degrees of exposure for fresh snow or  the spring corn. 

Life can be very good there, but don't tell anybody.
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everything was untracked, even the cat tracks/groomers leading to the base. epic. i saw 5 people up there total, 2 of which were patrollers. it was so incredibly deep... the only thing that sucked was the horrible viz as the snow just wouldn't quit dumping
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Already planning a trip next season.
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Well, things aren't too shabby at Mammoth (current reported base depth, 10'-14'; 69" of snow in April (7" yesterday and more forcast for this week).  Headed up there this weekend, can't wait.
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Is this normal for AK?  If so I think I may need to be looking for some deals on airfare for next April.
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Nothing is ever "normal" in AK.  I've been in Valdez this same week and it's been 70.

It's an amazing place, everyone should go!
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yeah they get 900"-1200" of annual snowfall. the season lasts until end of may. yes you should go there and it's cheap, I paid $105 for my hotel room (a very nice hotel with lots of granite, great spa, restaurants) AND lift ticket. That's right, $105 per day for both. A definite A+, and the drive there from Anchorage was absolutely gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by sosumi View Post

yeah they get 900"-1200" of annual snowfall

Well now, let's not get carried away.  The world record for snowfall in one season is 1140" at Mt. Baker, WA in 1998-99.  The highest average season snowfall in North America is also at Mt. Baker: 647".  I'm sure they get lots of snow at the ski area, but not 900 - 1200".
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Posaune, I'm surprised it took you over an hour to respond...  Although aren't you supposed to be closing down Baker today?
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 We quit at about 12:30 because the snow was getting really sticky and inconsistent.  We didn't want to end the season with an injury.
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I am thinking next year's plans will include Utah at the end of February and Alaska in April.
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they're at 854" this season already and there are probably a few good storms coming, 1200" is probably possible at the top of the mountain on a good year (not sure where the snowfall figure is normally measured) as it seems to dump up there non stop even if the base is dry
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Sigh. Let's keep our feet on the ground.

Reread Posaune's post. Baker is where the greatest single season snowfall has been measured vs any other measurement location in the world.  This is widely documented. FWIW, the prior record was at nearby Mt Rainier.

Do you think maybe that if Alyeska, or any other resort, could move their measurement site & take that claim away - that they would hesitate for a second? For a millisecond?

Alyeska reportedly gets +/- 650 inches a year. Random internet digging makes it look like maybe Alyeska's record at the top is a bit shy of Baker's record - but there seems to be conflicting info. Regardless, that is a ton of snow. And maybe similar to what Baker gets. Alyeska is certainly on my "to do" list. But let's not get all wrapped up in fantasy here...
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They used to have 4th of July skiing.  Do they still?  There was a beer slalom on the 4th, it was a hoot! 
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yeah the top is a glacier and they do year round skiing up there as far as I know.
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