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Winter Park - Spring Splash April 18th

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It's been a very interesting 24 hours.

I packed up the car and arrived at C-Lot around 1:45pm yesterday. Despite the late start, I was actually right on time. I was quickly handed a refreshing beverage and food. While wandering C-Lot I noticed everyone having a good time but it was all under control. The cops on foot patrol were friendly but they did have the main entrance staked out and were stopping people for DUI.

The bands were great and all local. They all played for free. I got to say goodbye to many people for the summer. Around 8pm I gave a group of friends a lift home. Of course we stopped by Crooked Creek on the way. As the DD, I only got to drink iced tea. Many C-Lot participants followed us to Crooked Creek as there was a free After Splash Party.

While in Crooked Creek we met Paralympians Brad Washburn and Jasmin Bambur and they hung out at our table. Jasmin was hysterical and he spent considerable time trying to tell Brad what to say on his White House visit on Wednesday with President Obama.  Brad was rather quiet about the whole thing.

It was a pretty good Splash. People were still filtering out of C-Lot this morning.

I sustained a concussion over at Vail last weekend during an AASI clinic so I'm off the snowboard for a few weeks. I'm currently fighting a sinus infection too. Hopefully I'll be back at 100% for Loveland's Closing Day festivities.

Left Hand Brewing set up next to one faction of Ski School.  Free band and $1.00 craft beers.

They knew how to keep it cold too.

Derek wanted to show off his Mary Jane pride with me. 

One can both ski tele and alpine on 2X4's.

And some things should just never be seen at all.  (Great costume Sam)
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This is a local group performing the live C-Lot version of their hit song about Fraser on Sunday afternoon. Just a great song.

"Give me beer, and let it snow, and the good friends that I know........."
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Ha!   That's right next to my parking spot!

Thanks for posting
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