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New skis are in.

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Well, actually not for me, but for my son. I got him some of the new Machete Souls in a 165. He is excited, this is his first year on adult skis. He was on junior Volants last year in a 155 and did try my wifes 160 Vertex 66's and his skiing jumped up. There is a big difference between the older gen and this new V2 gen Volant.

Most of you are aware that the new Volants are coming with a +/-10mm lift now. I am getting ready to mount these up...I am thinking about NOT using a riser with this lift. What are folks doing with skis that have built in lifters? Are you going 20MM or is the 10 fine?
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If he is spending a lot of time on groomed snow, adding lift on top of the existing plate should be fine, as a matter of fact i ski all of my skis like this. It brings you up from 47mm or so to around 55mm. I'm assuming that youre using Salomon bindings, possibly AXE+?? If he doesnt like being up that high strip out the AXE lifters and just set him flat on the ski, of course you will need to get a heel shim so he is at some sort of ramp angle. Either use the 914 shim or the higher 912 shim.
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He will be skiing every where. Most of the time in VT will be MRG & Bush and some out West. I will say that more than 50% of his time will NOT be on groomers.
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