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Rossignol Freeski2 120/140/150 bindings

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What is the difference between the 120, 140, and 150? They all have a 100mm brake and they have the same description on the Rossi website. I am looking into getting them for Watea 94s

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Oh wow don't know how I missed that. Thanks.
I'm 18, 5'7",145-150 lbs and an agressive expert skier. Which one would u reccomend. I think I should set the DIN at 6 or 7. Is weight the predominant factor in choosing DIN or is skiing ability important? Is the maximum DIN of 10 on the Freeski2 100s high enough or should I go with the 120s or 140s?
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I'm 5'8", 145lb-150lb - I have the SAS 120 on my S5 - DIN setting on 8, and they are just fine. I have the Axial2 140 on two other skis (Z11/R11), but still have settings on 8. Other tangible difference is that the 140s are heavier than the 120s.

Use this as a guide for DIN setting: www.dinsetting.com


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 Aside from DIN, the 150s also have the metal toe.
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 OK. Here is what I know:  120 and 140 are somewhat similar.  The differences are the DIN range and the forward pressure adjustment.  140 has a screw-type adjustment that is a bit more precise; the 120 has a rack-style adjustment, which is less precise but works just as well. 

150 is a different animal- it has the old race-style single pivot toe.  The 120 and 140 have the full-drive toe that has 180 deg release.  The single pivot releases only to the side; on the upside it is metal, bomproof, and is beloved by the people who huck cliffs.  I have 140 on most of my skis, to me it strikes the optimal balance between beefiness, safety, and adjustability.  Truthfully, if yuo ski at a DIN less than 10, you don't need more than 120. 
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Freeski2 120 also has the screw adjustment - I know, cause they're on my daughter's Silencers. Not sure about the 100, but probably the rack style.

The 100 XL has an Axial2 Composite heel, as opposed to the simple Axium heel on most of the Look/Rossi 10DIN bindings. That's a big plus compared to most 10DINs. The 120 and upwards have an Axial2 Ti heel - same release mechanism, but lighter and stronger and basically the same as the race bindings.

I'd say the 120 is the best combination of price/features/weight for the kind of DIN you're after, but the 100 XL would probably do the job just fine.
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We're delving into esoterica?    I doubt the OP was that serious about this if he didn't notice the DIN difference, or knows what DIN he needs to run.

Ok, so the Rossis went screw-heel one (or two?) seasons ago, and are all like that down to DIN 12 (as Squawker said).

The Dynastars are lagging, but DIN 14 and higher this year are also screw heel.

What is less obvious about the screw-heel is that it is lower, which lowers binding delta to ~3.5mm (non-screw-heel, non-Fluid Axial2-style bindings have a binding delta of 5mm).  I don't recall if this is purely the effect of the lowered heel, or a change in height of the AFD.

(Aside: the current Look Pivot/Rossi FKS have a binding delta of ~2mm, as the AFD is higher.)

alexzn:  I too think the screw-heel DIN-12/DIN-14 Axial2's are probably the best all-around versions of the Looks out there.  However, I do dig the Pivot/FKS's massive, full width AFD.   (I'm just concerned about its wimpy forward pressure spring. )
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I didn't know what DIN I needed because I've only been skiing for 2 years and in those two years I've been using crappy beginner-intermediate salomon bindings that started pre-released way too much. Thanks for the insight though guys. I think I'll go with the 120s. I was looking at the FKS but it's a lot more expensive than the 120s or 140s
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 If you ski only two years, you most likely don't need the FKS.  In fact, not a lot of people need the FKS, I know that I don't...

I didn't know about Rossi going to the screw-heel on the DIN12.  Good to know.
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ya if I can find the FKS for around $200 though it might be worth getting. the axials sound great though so I'll probably go with those. i found the 120s and 140s online for about $160 or $170.
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