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New Lange boots BSL

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Hi guys,

I am interested in getting the new Lange semi-plug boot for 2011. The boot has a 97 mm forefoot width. I would like to know
what is BSL of the new boot for sizes US 6 and US 7.

I know that the BSL for the current RL12 is 293 mm for US 6 and 303 mm for US 7 but i have no info on the new boots.

Thanks a lot!

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     Hi RX7,

     I don't mean to be abrupt--- but forget about shoe size and bsl---concentrate on "shell sizing", it's the only thing that counts when buying a boot, that plus last shaping compared to your foot.
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You are right about shell sizing. The problem is that i will have to order the boots without trying them on first. My size with the current RL12 is US 6  (293 mm BSL). The next size up is too big. I have access to a boot fitter but he doesn't sell Lange. I have to know the BSL for US 6 and US 7 because i want to order the correct size from the beginning. 

Thanks again.

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odds are that if a 6 was right before, it will be right again, even if the BSL is off by a bit.

without seeing your feet, in that boot, we are guessing as much as you are...
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