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Phenom Goggle--Lens Recommendations for Extremely Flat Light

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I've got Smith Phenoms with the Sensor Mirror lens.  I love these in most conditions except "all white" conditions (cloudy/not bright, perhaps snowing; generally any excessively flat light conditions) as in those conditions I can see none of the relief on the ground whether from up close or even as I'm up on the chairlift.   If I look at the Smith website (see below link) they say that the Sensor Mirror should be good in flat conditions (which just doesn't seem to be the case for me) and they also recommend the Polarized Rose Copper, the Gold Lite and the Yellow for flat light.  Do any Phenom users have any experience with any of these other lenses such that they would recommend them for extremely flat light?

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I have the Smith I/Os and when it gets really flat I put the yellow lenses in.  The sensor mirrors don't do it for me.  When conditions are like what you describe, I'm not sure any lens color can really save the day.
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 I prefer the ignitor sensor lens for flat light, over the sensor.
Here's a review of the Smith I/O and a few of the lens' that are offered with them.
Smith I/O
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I have tried a number of smiths lenses. I would agree that for all around use the ignitor works best. I personally found the sensor lens to not work very well in low light, not to mention that I found the non uniformity of coloring (looking out of the center vs. the sides of the lens look different colors) quite distracting. I've tried the gold sensor, which works well as an all around lens if you are okay with something a bit brighter on bright days, and I think it is a little bit easier to see in low light conditions compared to the ignitor lens (although again for all around use I would still recommend the ignitor). The best low light lens is by far the yellow lens, which reduces fatigue a lot, but you'll really want to carry around two pairs of goggles if you have a yellow one, since when the sun comes out, it can be really bright. Note that you might want to consider ordering from prolens instead of directly from smith, since they have a much wider selection of lenses available for all of the goggle models. I think they actually have in stock all of the lenses for the phenom and prodigy that are listed on the smith lens descripion page: http://www.smithoptics.com/technology.html?category=2&id=25 Anyway hope this helps you out, since I've already spent a bunch of money on goggle lenses that I'll never use!
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 Yellow is probably a contender -- but it is worth noting that a whole lot of people consider Sensor Mirror the best low/flat lens ever made...
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Use the Smith Turbo, sensor mirror, yellow good in flat light (which is what I ski almost all winter), have the turbo for the climbing, hikings out etc. when overheat a little or a lot.   Terrible lense in sunshine - only good for overcast days etc.
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Thanks for all the tips; I think that I'll pick up a yellow lens to carry as a supplemental lens to cover the flat light conditions,
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Interesting that some mention the Ignitor Mirror for low light......  I've used the Sensor Mirror for a couple of seasons and love it for most conditions except really really flat (i.e. no lens will really help that much, yellow is a bit of an improvement but only worth the investment if these conditions are a regular occurrence at your hill) or really bright (the 75% VLT lets in too much brightness).

I picked up a second pair of prodigy goggles with an Ignitor Mirror for the brighter days (35% VLT is easier on the eye!).... I got caught on a low light day with these and compared to the Sensor Mirror they were not very good at all (still just about manageable though).
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I used the Sensor lens this season in overcast and semi-white-out days and thought they were great.  I have the RC36 lens for sunny days.  However, at the goggle store at Snowmass this year, the sales person advised me that even though one can exchange lenses on the Phenom frame, it wasn't good to do it every day -- she said it could weaken the frames.  So, I've just ordered another Phenom goggle from Tramdock (great deal!), this one with the Ignitor lens.  Now I'll have three lenses and two frames, which I hope will allow me to reduce the frequency of lens exchanges per frame.  
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Unless you have frames like the I/O that are designed for multiple lens swaps, then it is good advice to get a second frame as and when funds allow.

Most frames can take an occasional lens swap, but on a daily basis.... the little plastic lugs tend to wear.

It also makes it a lot moree convenient to swap on those days when you are in between conditions  (or yard-sale!)..... just have the second pair ready in a pocket or backpack!
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I like Haber on low light days.
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post

I like Haber on low light days.

Lucky for you, there is an EpicSki Discount on Habervision
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