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Potato Poofs, aka Pseudo-Samosa

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 Hey Bears. My ski season’s over so thought that this would be a good time to post this up. I’ve had an ongoing discourse with my friend BumpFreaq, and he suggested that this forum's readers would be glad to see this simple recipe idea. Kind of similar to Samosas, but without the need to make pastry dough.



Hi Bump.


I recently developed a new-to-me take on potatoes. Now, as you're a man who's a kitchen pro, and has the good sense to bring dried squid to a ski hill, I thought that you might like it if I shared my recent brainstorm.


The idea is pretty simple, and you can change ingredients and seasonings to suit your purpose. My son Alexander refers to these as Potato Poofs, in honor of the infamous South Park snack, Cheesy Poofs.


1. Peel and cube some spuds. Chop an onion, and if you care to, peel some garlic cloves. Throw 'em in a pot, add a slew of West Indian Curry Powder, a bit of salt, cover with cold water, bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer until spuds are soft.



2. Drain and mash 'em up.


3. Mix in some cheese. I've used Goat Cheese and Feta with grand results. As I had to use the oven for something else, I roasted a bunch of peeled garlic cloves and threw them into the mixture and left the garlic out of the potato boil.


4. Mix in chopped vegetable of your choice. Last night I used some sauteed Mustard Greens. I've also used blanched Spinach, and curried Cauliflower. Peas might be great, but all that starch can turn the Poofs into rather substantial belly bombs.



Disregard the sausage and chicken in the above photo. They were prepped at the same time that I roasted the garlic, and are destined for tomorrow's dinner, my take on the Vail/Wildwood Smokehouse's Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

5. Drop a healthy amount of the potato/vegetable mixture onto two opposing quadrants of a 10" flour tortilla, and put a bit of cheese onto the other two quadrants. (Nothing quite like melting cheese. I have a friend named Kenny Shopsin who owned an existential restaurant in NYC, Shopsin's Grocery, now defunct, who was a utilitarian, eccentric, genius cook. He told me that the ONLY reason he got into the food business was that it gave him the chance to melt cheese several times a day. There was a documentary film made about him called "I Like Killing Flies," that you might enjoy taking a look at.)


6. Fold into quarters.


7. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. I've used seasoned egg wash a couple of times, but it's not a necessary step.


Last night I served the Poofs with grilled lamb patties, steamed broccoli, sumac onion relish, and portobello red wine gravy. (We still use the plastic sippy-cups that we got when Alexander was little. Hate to throw them out, and they are fine for serving water or milk.) The Poofs work great with other grilled things, curries, stews, and etc. Only limit is your imagination and ethnic direction.


Manga Amigo,



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 Looks great, but who knows when I'll try it, and I didn't want to lose it - so I thought, hmm can't posts be made into wikis, and sure enough I found the button and made my first wiki!
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