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Is There A Way To Measure Flex?

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I know that there isn't a standard among manufacturers on flex ratings.  Is there an acceptable way to measure what the flex of your boot is?  From reading here my "gauge" is being able to flex both my knees over my toes at the same time. That lets me know that I can flex the boot but not what the flex is.  That of course made me think what the flex actually is.

The info isn't going to make me change the boots I have or any purchase in the future.  I do find it annoying that I don't know what the flex is on my current boots.  I'm sure it's nothing more than the OCD that my wife says I have.

I have Dalbello Krypton Pros with Gold ID liner; size 25.5 296 bsl.  I'm using the grey tongue without any wedges which is about 100 flex with the standard liner.  So far, every time I ask about the Gold ID liner, all I get is "It will be stiffer."  "How much stiffer."  "Noticeably stiffer".  Sort of like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid being asked about when he would fix the screen door - "Afta."  "After what."  "Afta afta."

Curious minds,

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25% stiffer...  (but that is just a guess from hand flexing both of my boots.)
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Thanks.  That helps narrow down what my boots probably are flex wise.

I'm still curious if there is a way to measure flex.

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you can use the plastics durometer for the flex, BUT....

if you dont fit the boots as well, you won't be able to move it as well.   IE:  langes dont fit me great, so they always feel too stiff for me.  I can't move a 130 lange, but can flex a 130 salomon / nordica no problem.

also, if hte boot is too big on you, it will be stiffer (usually) as your ankle won't line up on the boots flex point (side cuff) so you are not flexing it from the right point.

also, all this is after a sushi an saki bender, so please ignore what is not speeled right, and doesn;t make sence
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Thanks again. 

All out of durometers.  I'm going to be out on sick leave for a couple of weeks (post surgery) so maybe the pain killers they're going to give me will double as a mind expanding drug and help me come up with some contraption to figure this out.

My boots fit perfectly (were fitted by GMOL).

I lived in Okinawa Japan for a total of 10 years so I'm quite fluent in sakigo (language of saki).

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