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Fischer Motiv

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Did any of you get to ski the 2011 Fischer Motiv ?
What did you think?

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Motive is the new line of all-mountain carving skis from Fischer for 2010/2011.  I tested two models in February - Motive 84 (Wood Core, sidewall construction, with Carbon layers and "tuneable" carve plate - 84mm waist)  and Motive 80 (Wood Core, sidewall construction, with a new railflex type system - 80mm waist).  IMO, both very nice skis and excellent values in Fischer's line.  The Motives replace the Heat Series of all-mountain carvers for Fischer, and in many ways offer more versatility and range than the Heat skis did. 

The Motives don't have metal in their construction, so they ski light and lively, but they both seem to have good stability and edge grip.  I didn't get to ski them on hard snow, so I don't know how they will do there, but they handled soft groomers and light crud very well.   I only got to ski these skis for a couple of runs each in ideal snow conditions.  Time will tell how successful that these will be for Fischer, but my initial impressions were favorable. 

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Thanks, coolhand


Maybe someone else can add to your great report.

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