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^^^ are those with the new 24-120?

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are these with the new 24-120?


Originally Posted by epic View Post

Here's my first successful photo (in the wild) using slaved flash.


here'a the rider before without flash:


and the next rider with a faster shutter



I was slaving my SB-600 optically using an SB-900 purchased last week. It turns out that the SB-900 does everything that the SU-800 can do, plus it's a flash. I could only get it to trigger for these shots by turning the head to point at the SB-600. One cool thing about the SB-900 is that in Commander mode you can actually turn off it's flashing and have it just fire trigger signals (as it did in these photos). Of course it still limits you to line of sight. Working around a lot of people and in the trees it is a little limiting. So much so that I barely used it. (It didn't help that the course marshalls were really making it hard for non-accredited photographers either)


Regarding radio commanders, I found out quite about about them. It turns out that there is a new Pocket Wizard coming out that lets all of my metering stay exactly as it is now (also, I found out that they are located in S. Burlington, VT, so it'll be nice to be buying local). That is I won't have to run up and down the hill to change settings. I saw photographers using Elinchroms, Wizards, and Alien Bees yesterday.

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Those are with the old 24-120. I haven't got my new one yet, but hope to have it soon.

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Oooooo - look....


They will be mine. Oh yes, they will.

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Many of wy associates are reporting bad experiences with the mini-ttl, I would recomend looking at Radio-Poppers instead. I have used them and they are awesome.

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Looking at new lenses. Right now I have old (non-VR) 24-120, 75-300 and 50 f1.8.

After this season, I have a better idea of what I want to do for lenses. I'm thinking 28-300 VR is on my list for sure. It seems like it's actually a pretty good lens, I was super-skeptical about a 10x zoom lens, but it gets decent reviews. I think the VR could be pretty nice, and it'll probably perform better than both of my zoom lenses rolled into one. It's not much bigger than the 24-120 and I don't like changing lenses on the hill (don't want snow or dirt in body).

I've also been eyeing a used 35-70 f2.8. Often times, I just take the 50mm 1.8 skiing, and I don't feel like I missing out on much, but there are times where I wish I had a slightly wider or slightly longer lens. This lens will take nice pictures and is pretty small and cheap esp. compared to 24-70 f2.8.

Finally, I like the looks of the 80-400 zoom, but I hear that it's focus is slow and one place it would be used is shooting my daughter's ski races. My wife has been using 75-300, but doesn't want to walk up the hill so most of the shots are a green dot on a white background. 400 won't get her that much closer, so maybe this would be a waste of $.

Any thoughts? 28-300 seems like a no-brainer. Not sure about the others.


Oh yeah, I also got a demo set of PocketWizards (1 mini TT1, two Flex TT5s and an AC3). So far, they are great. So easy to use. I just wish I had gotten them sooner before the snow started melting down. Hopefully I can hang on to them for the start of biking season.

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Hi Epic,


I shoot with a D3, 24~70, 70~200, etc. Regarding the 28~300, I have heard great things from another photog friend. It gives light weight and a nice zoom range in one package. The only thing I can see you missing is a bit wider angle. If you don't think you will want the range, then the 24~120 would be nice. 

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DPReview is a good resource.



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Well, two years later my mainstay lenses are now a 24-70 f2.8 (just got it a few days ago) 70-200 f2.8 VRII. If you take a bad picture with these lenses, it is not their fault. I also got a 2.0x teleconverter which I use more than I thought I would. It's pretty nice, and other than the loss of speed, there's not much of a downside to it. Sure beats carrying the Hubble around.


I have the 35-70 f2.8 great lens, but the push-pull zoom is strange (and it will slide in when you are not expecting it to), and the older AF system is just not as quick/accurate as what I am used to from the 70-200. Not sure if I will keep this one or sell it. Depends what I can get for it I suppose.


24-120 will stay because it's not worth much, and it;s nice to have a sacrificial lens if you are anticipating any "whoops" moments.


75-300 is probably worth very little $, but I'm gonna sell it.


50mm f1.8D keeper just because it is small and cheap.


In the pretty soon category is a fisheye, in the "it is inevitable" category is more flashes and more pocket wizards, in the "win lotto" category is a Perspective Control lens.

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Originally Posted by epic View Post



In the pretty soon category is a fisheye, in the "it is inevitable" category is more flashes and more pocket wizards, in the "win lotto" category is a Perspective Control lens.


If you don't want to spent a lot of money and don't mind manual, check out the Rokinon/Samyang/Vivitar/etc. 8mm f/3.5 for your fisheye.  If you can shoot at f/5.6 the results are better than many lenses 3x the price (of course, it is a manual lens).  I usually find an excuse to use it, from photographing the inside of my backpacking tent to an artistic shot of a stage performance.  The Photozone testing of the lens (on a Cannon) is here:  


The image below was shot with the relatively cheap $259 lens at f/4, 1/30sec (Pentax has in-camera IS), ISO 6400 during early morning light.  I just set the distance to 1.2m or a bit less and didn't worry about the focus because of the DOF.   The tent is tiny, but appears huge with the fisheye:


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