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Mini Gotama? 6th sense big/ Bridge/ Distorter?

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Hi guys-
What an awesome season! Too bad to see it go. Gotta wait 8 long months for more snow.
Anyway, had a great time this year. Got in about 75 days. Although we didn't see as much snow this year (as in recent years past), Aspen had a few good powder days. Got to ride a pair of gotamas several times that I bought last year and loved every minute of it.

My question is this-
I am looking for a pair of skis for next year that will have the goat's feel, but in a narrower waist that I can use day to day. I've been looking at the Bridge, the Sense Big and the Distorter. Demoed the Bridge and liked it, but could only find it in a shorter length. Nobody had the 185's. I think I would have liked it a lot more in the longer length. Haven't had a chance to ride the dynastars. None of the local shops had them. Can anyone chime in with some advice?

I'd really like a ski with the buttery, playful feel of the goat without the weight (ride the 190's). I also want a ski that will turn a bit quicker and be a little more responsive on average snow. I'd like to keep the width in the high 80's to mid 90's so I can still bust through the crud, ride some intermediate depths and land jumps comfortably. Got to have a ski that will also handle lots of bumps and rip the steeps of highlands bowl. Definitely leaning towards twins. liked the fun factor and its something different to play with.

Me- Advanced skier. Ski anything with a smile on my face!
6'1 tall

My daily driver is a monster '78 right now. Also ski a superspeed on groomer days. Watea '84's when I'm toying around.

Demoed the following skis this year-
Volkl Bridge- As I said earlier, skied the bridge in a 179 and thought it was fun but it felt way too short. Fun in the bumps and good on the groomers. Didn't hook up as well as I would have liked. Think the edge hold would have felt much better in the 185.
Sultan '85- Liked the ski. Again, skied it in a 179 and think I would have preferred the longer length. Turn initiation was great, but it didn't feel as stable at speed. Thought the flex felt decent. Good in the bumps.
Volkl Kendo- Really disappointed. Wanted desperately to like this ski. It felt punishing and entirely unforgiving. Funny, I like the montra, but thought the kendo was even stiffer (as opposed to other reports). The most descriptive adjective I can come up with is "chalky" (if that makes any sense). They were irritable and even made a twingy sound like chalk on a chalkboard. 
Kastle 88's- Liked the kastles alot. Felt really responsive and had an amazing flex. Great balance of energy and dampness. Felt like the suspension of a luxury sedan. Great in bumps and deeper snow. Smooth, smooth, smooth. The only thing i didn't like was the edge hold. I've read alot of reports suggesting the opposite, but i felt like they didn't grip the way I wanted them to on the groomers. I thought it might be the tune, but they were very sharp. Talked to the rep about them when I brought them back. He said that he had just tuned them, and again they were sharp, so I don't know. Might have been the ski. Might have been the bevel. Who knows. 
New Goatams ('11)- I have the '09 model and was a bit apprehensive about trying the rockered version. As it turns out I should have been. Not for the reason you might think, but because I LOVED them. Smooth as silk and buttery. A blast to ride in all conditions. Though they would loose something with the rocker, but absolutely ripped the grooms! Fantastic ski. Unfortunately, I think I might have liked these more that the model I own. Should have never skied them. Makes me wish I had more money!!
So.... Back to the original question. I would love to find a pair of skis that would mimic the "mini gotama". I would probably buy the bridge, but it seems really hard to find a good deal on them. Especially in a 185. I'm also very interested in the "spring blade" technology that Dynastar offers. Sounds like the tip and tails would make for a fun ride. Just want to make sure they're still going to be able to keep up on the groomers. I like to ski fast. Also want them to hold well on steeps. I've read alot of great reviews on the Sense Big/Big Troubles, but have heard alot less on the Distorter. I'm interested because they're not (supposedly) as steep (upturn) in the tip and tail as the Bigs, and might be a bit better in the bumps. Does anyone have any time on them? 
Please let me know what you guys think. Any input is much appreciated!!!!
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If I were looking for a ski in that sort of role for next year, I'd probably be drooling over the 6th Sense Slicer. Its a fatter 'Big' with a bit of rocker but conventional camber - new for next year but I saw a pair in the lift line 2 weeks ago. Being a big fan of TroubleMakers and my Big Troubles the Slicer looks like the perfect logical progression. Think there's a review in the Gear Forum (Sierra Jim?).
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Love the Bridge,I ski it in all conditions and think it would be an excellent choice for you. I agree about the 185 length and I believe you could find them on ebay right now,places are letting them go at pretty reasonable prices.  Good luck
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has anyone demoed the slicer? had my eye on it, but 98mm is getting a little fat under foot. any coments on quickness/weight?
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Lets see now.............You don't want to buy the Bridge b/c you can't find a cheap enough deal so instead you are asking about a 2011 ski that's not even on the market yet. What kind of a deal do you think you are going to get on those?

Somehow the logic of this is escaping me.

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Volkl Bridge in a 185 at $379 Alpine Sporting Goods on ebay,short money for that ski.
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Hey there Jim-
Truth be told, I dream about things I can't afford all the time. Not logical, but sure is fun!  In addition, I work for SkiCo in aspen and can usually get pro deals on next years gear. Figure bout 1/2 off retail. comes down to about 4-500 dollars which is about what I see last years bridges going for right now. Not bad, but quite a bit more than what I've seen for the distorter or the 08 big troubles on the net (both around 280-350). Anyway, just looking for some opinions on the sense and the distorter. Not that much out there yet. any info is appreciated. Dreaming of new skis is what it's all about, not to mention a great way to get through the off-season. Any recommendations on other boards would be interesting/appreciated as well!!! Thanks-
DAVESKI7- Awesome man! Good price. Thanks for the heads up!
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anyone got any experience with these boards?
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I demoed the distorter 179 while in Vail Mid February for a few days. I really liked them a lot. I felt they were very responsive in turns, loved how they felt while hitting jumps and seemed to be pretty fast as well. While out there, we had about 6 inches of fresh snow each morning and i was surprised to see the distorter ride as well as it did in the powder.  I ride all over the mountain, trees and terrain park. Im about 205 6'3

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