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Karbon Ski Jacket

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Hi Guys,
Hope someone can help me with this. I have my heart set on  Karbon Hydrogen Ski Jacket Orange in color Size US 42 [ LGE or XL I guess] . I have contacted Karbon and they have informed me that they wil not be producing that color next season so waiting til later in the year is not an option. If anyone knows where I can buy one I would appreciate it. I am also open to buying a 2nd hand one if anyone has one to sell.

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Can't help with your search, but somehow I think you'll happily resolve your quest.  The default avatar function here randomly assigned you a little ski man with an ORANGE jacket. 
Welcome to epicski. 
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Thanks Jamesj, very witty. 
 I live in Nth Queensland Aust. and after a trip to Niseko Japan have just renewed my love of skiing. What awesome powder. Never stopped snowing the 2 weeks we were there. Loved everything about the place. Definitely be back there next season.
I am loving the Epic site and look forward to getting involved in a few discussions.
The retro gear discussion brings back memories of my first skis, wood with screw in edges and cable bindings with lace up leather boots. Nice.
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