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2010 Nordica Enforcer v Volkl Mantra

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Anybody skied both of these?

I'm looking for impressions on how they relate to each other.  I haven't skied either but I'm hoping to buy between seasons to take advantage of the good deals.  I've boiled it down to these two based on ski mag reviews and what I've read in these threads, but I haven't seen any head to head reviews which is what I'm after.  Hope you can help me out.

I'm a mid 30s, 6'2" (188cm), 210 pounds (95kg) rider.  I'll be looking at the 185 Enforcers or the 184 Mantras.  I used to be a really aggressive skier until a couple of knee surgeries, but I still enjoy the steep and deep.  I'm probably a better skier now that I pay more attention to form instead of letting my knees soak up my sins like they did back in my balls to wall days.

I ski mostly in Washington (admitted Alpentolic with a gold pass - so I get a few days in at Crystal too), but I also like to do one trip a year to somewhere in the Rockies.  I'm looking for my 75% of the time pair of skis.  I also have powder boards for big dumps, and some fun little SL skis for groomer days with the wife and kids.  I'm replacing Head Monster M85s.  I spend about half my time in the BC, and the other half in area on both steeps and groomed.  I suffer bumps to get where I want to get to, but other than that I avoid them for the sake of joint preservation.

I enjoy a livelier ski, and some of the reviews I've read on the Mantra make me think it might be a little too "dead", but I also REALLY need a crud buster for NW cement, and thats wear the Mantra is reported to be at its best.  I love to get a carve in on the lower mountain, but at my size, float is important too for those days that aren't big enough for my powder boards.

If you've ridden both these boards I'd love to hear your comments - thx.
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Both good skis; very different in feel.  Mantra:  firm, very solid platform, stiff tail.  Enforcer:  A bit more supple and even flexing, less work overall.  Both go through powder and crud well.  For someone of your weight, you might like the Mantra's solidity; for anyone else, I'd probably recommend the Enforcer above it for overall versatility and occasional bumps.
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FYI- Cheap Enforcers from a good seller:

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Originally Posted by Kreeper View Post
some of the reviews I've read on the Mantra make me think it might be a little too "dead"
I've owned three Mantras over the years, can think of many adjectives to describe them, but "dead" ain't one. They give you a lot of snowfeel, even have a characteristic sound they make because of the metal + lightness, can bash crud nicely but like to be on edge when doing it. Actually too lively for some. Other brand with closest feel are Blizzards. (And the Atlas is a better Mantra, if that helps.) Haven't skied the Enforcer yet, but based on other Nordies I know, would guess that Mike M is dead on: bit softer, damper, less high strung. Said to have great edgehold on hard, doubt if it's as good in chop and crud. 

CA: Nice price and clearly reliable seller, but model is older version that wasn't everybody's fav. Current, which I think came in year after Hellboy graphics, had flat tail, different flex pattern, got serious acclaim. 
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 Thanks for all your input.  It sounds like the mantra might be the way forward



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I own and ski the 2010 Enforcer, Katana and Gotama and I can tell you that the Enforcer is a great all mountain ski. For your size, weight and ski conditions, you might want to consider the Katana if you're still in the maket. It's a great ski to drive through the crud, while handing powder days like a champ, not to mention that it's not bad on groomers. But if I were not skiing powder or crud all the time and finding myself at least half the time in groomers, I'd pick the Enforcer, it's an all around great ski.

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Haven't tried Enforcer but demoed and ultimately purchased Volk Mantras. I weigh the same as you but just a bit taller. I predominately ski in Japan now but used to live on Vancouver Island where the PNW cement doesn't get any wetter or heavier. I would have loved to have had the Mantras for my time at Mt. Washington. These things slay crud and arn't too shabby in dry Japow either. I will add that the Mantra is probably not the best for cruising around with the family. They love to go fast. Your'e no featherweight, so be careful of getting something too soft

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People who say the mantra is dead can't ski. If you can drive a ski properly, then the mantra has a ton 'o life. I liked the mantra a lot more since its stiffer- hence better in crud and mank. I find them fine in the bumps too.


Groomer performance is amazing for a 96mm ski. So good that i will probably end up selling my Progressors.


For a versatile ski, mantra is hard to beat, but the enforcer is more forgiving.

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Both are great skiis for powder, crud, steeps and even bumps. I rode both many times before buying and went for the Nordica Enforcers - they win by a hair because they feel a bit beefier.  Warning:  These skis require strength to ride all day, and the techical skills of an expert.  Everything else will feel wimpy after the Nordica Enforcer.

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Both are terrific skis and you will be happy with either, I went with the Line Prophet 100 with is great on the hardpack and works well in powder and is light and fun the other skis might be better in the charging the hill kind of way, but twin tips are fun your call

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