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At Vail this week, Talked Ric Reiter (vailsnopro) into taking us into the Nastar course.

It was partly so if I have to ski gates for the level 3 exam I'll be somewhat prepared. Also so if any student's want to ski the gates I'll know a little more than "go as fast as you can"

I had a blast and now know how much pressure builds up under the skis. I can't imagine how much more pressure there is at the upper level's. Including the local ski hill leagues.

Wow what a rush!
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It was a good time skiing with David and Allan (and the rest of the Chan Clan) over the past few days.

On the day we ran NASTAR, every run each made, a medal resulted. This happened over 7 runs. For David's efforts, he managed to consistently pull in the GOLD MEDALS. He was running a pretty fair 15-18 handicap, on slow conditions. He lowered his times by almost 3 seconds over the morning.

For a first timer, I'd have to give him better than average marks for his efforts!

Good Job! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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cool. I didn't know that they post all our times.

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then there's Freight train Ric

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