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High Tech Computerized Baseball

Poll Results: Should the new baseball tracking technology be used to replace umpires calling balls and strikes?

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    Yes, use the technology to call balls and strikes.
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    No, don't use it.
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    Only use it in case of a bad call.
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    Who cares?
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Well they took the hockey puck technology and put it in a baseball.  Now you can know everything about the pitch and where it is going on the plate.


New Tech Throws Baseball A Curve

April 14, 2010 - 1:04 PM | by: Adam Housley

The crack of a bat, the whip of a baseball, for generations these skills of America's pastime have been noted by the eyes of those who gauge the game. Trained scouts and coaches watch and help build players, honing their skills from the time they are drafted all the way until retirement. But now technology has caught up with America's pastime.

As San Francisco Giants CIO Bill Schlough tells me, “when a new technology emerges and does have an impact on the team, we want to be among the first to have a competitive advantage...those competitive advantages don't last for long though.”

As Bill explains, new technology is quickly embraced by teams, so any competitive advantage likely only last for a few months and a year at the most. So this new modern tech throwing baseball minds a curve by modern science, means every single pitch can be tracked by a computer. Noting the speed, spin, even every movement down to a fraction.

The technology is developed by Sportvision, the same guys who brought you that yellow first down marker line on your television set for football, or the glowing puck for NHL games. Now this technology is now being used by every single big league club to track their pitches...


Check out the video of the ball and the tracking technology it uses, start speed, end speed, spin, track through the air, and exact location at the plate.

My question is, will they or should they use it to call balls and strikes?  You know every serious fan will be calling the shots using it when the home plate ump makes a bad call.
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While I'm not sure that they should be used real time to judge balls and strikes, i think they should be used to evaluate the umpires -- an objective evaluation of umpire skill would help instill confidence and let the best umps rise to the top.

Would keep the "purity of the game" together with giving an objective metric to improve quality.
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