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11 ski schools bite the dust

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Stevens Pass ski area had 22 independent ski schools this past season. These schools operate under the Steven Pass ski school permit (issued by the US Forest Service). The ski area just eliminated the 11 smallest ski schools.
So some of you may not have a ski school job next season. Stevens Pass will be expanding their ski school, so you may want to apply there.
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Now file a "Freedom of Information" request and see which individuals and/or "benevolent" funding sources contributed to the Republican party and related PACS and there you will find the answer???

What reason did they use to justify this reduction?
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I knew the content of this thread from the cryptic title. It was a matter of time. I interviewed with Harbor 2 seasons ago...it was part of the vision they shared and an unfortunate inevitablity. Lots of reasons. It will eventually happen at Crystal and others.
I hate to say it...but it will end up for the best.
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Actually Harbor (Stevens Pass) resorts holds the Ski School Permit. The independent schools are concessionaires, which have to pay Stevens Pass a fee to operate under their license. Harbor Resorts figures they could make more by closing down the smaller ski schools and expanding the Stevens Pass ski school. They also want the office spaces used by the ski schools.

It already happened at Crystal and the Snowqualmie Pass ski areas. The smaller ski schools have already been squeezed out.
Why will it end up for the best?
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Hmmm... I know that when J. Hall was there elimination was part of the plan....but didn't know Snowqualimie had gone that route.
I think it will be better for simple consistancy and visibilty. Not to mention the legal exposure outside contractors pose. Old rentals, autonomous training, policies and procedures....etc.
I will miss the bon marche, nordstrom kinda ma and pa ski schools though....I hope they got a good severence.
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I guess because I AM a government guy ...... I'm just conditioned to thinking the worst about ...... government.
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This was in the works for awhile, not too sure who knew about it. They sent out a few memos to the ski schools who were affected, I believe there were about 35 total at one time, both on hill and nomadic, now there is 11 to my knowledge. it was only 3 at one point. Times are tough and they will be looking for instructord displaced by this action, but they have also pissed off alot of people whom don't know it yet.
Imagine all the parents when they go to sign jr. up for lessons... Good Luck...
To all thoed displaced, Sorry, start applying now and you probbably have a good shot at one of the remaining schools or the resident program.
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Robin, Why would the removal of competition be better? Eliminating choices eventually leads to monopoly, prices go up, and customer service goes in the dumpster.
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I merely believe that the licensee has the right to control their business however they see fit. The concessions typically were creating less revenue for the area, their practices were dubious and quality control was unachievable. This all reflected on the area.
I believe concessions in the future will exist in the form of specialty services and ski weeks. But I don't blame the operator for wanting to control the product. The "van" schools are dinosaurs.
You are right of course, competition and free enterprise lowers cost and instills quality service...but so can a well run monopoly. Watch the morale of the area school go up!
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Tom K
I think the better independent ski schools are still at Stevens. This may be a case of thinning the herd. 12 ski schools total is still alot of ski schools for 1 ski area.

I don't know that much about the Stevens Pass ski school, but some of the independent schools produce really good young skiers. There are some very good instructors in some of the independent schools. For example one of the independents is run by a ex world cup racer who is currently a PSIA national demo team member. As far as quality of instruction, I'm not sure who will have to crank it up a notch, the resident ski school? or the independents?
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No doubt there will be concession schools that reinvent themselves to a niche and will survive the herd thinning. I have no doubt there are incredibly sucessful programs and gifted instructors.
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sorry double posted....my first...slipping!

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