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Sochi to be Ready for 2011

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Wonder if they're doing tech or speed?

I haven't posted here at Epic in a long time.  Makes me sad.  But, it has died around here.  No banter.  No passion.  Vanilla.  Sophomoric.  Oh well.  Used to have some players floating around here.  Used to have thoughtful and commited contributors, however clear or mis-guided. They are all gone.  It's now a yawn, and in general, no real clarity as to what is good skiing and how to get there.  No useful content or discussion.  Kinda brain-dead.

I would propose that decorum be encouraged to be as passionate as face to face discussion.  Adress each other online as if we were face to face. Maybe discussions can resume.  Otherwise, coming to Epic will continue to feel like going to the tubing park.
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From the image the hill looks like it would be a gliders course, Steep top section for speed and good flats to test the equipment prep and racers aerodynamic position. Will probably be well suited for the more patient(less aggressive) racers, all depending on who is setting the course.

as for your other comment, I just joined last month so I have no history to base an opinion on.
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