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Late season pow Alta 4/14

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It was cold in the morning, almost mid winter... but not quite. The storm total was about 15" ( nothing like last week...!) Ballroom/Shoulder, Backside and Devil's Castle were all closed the day before. The corduroy was amazingly good- better than anything at the PC resorts- higher altitude: fresh, soft, crunchy groomers. It wasn't long before patrol got the Shoulder open, then Backside, then Castle. Supreme is shut down for the season. After this weekend, Alta shuts down and then reopens for one more three day weekend. Snowbird stays open... We missed Bushwhacker today! Anyway, enough talk- here's the pics...


Emily and crowd on the shoulder


  lonely Backside turns...



Travel poster shot...


Liftline at Sugerloaf, mid day


Timpanogas in all her glory...
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 Wow, spectacular and nothing like the day I was there at the end of February.  It was wall to wall people that day.
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Pretty Much deserted. Mid Season's a no brainer, but the Cottonwoods can stay frosty well into April. Good Deals too. Here's one for the

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Love those deep blue skies and empty slopes.

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 Wow. Very nice!
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Good day to be on the mountain.

Question...Where is the Backside at Alta.??....Is it above the traverse between the top of the Sugarloaf lift and the top of Collins.?? What is this area called and does anyone ski it.??

2 questions.
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 Sugaree; The Backside is accessed by hiking up next to and above the Collins lift. Once up there, you are on the spine of Rustler Ridge. There's a lovely, scenic, nosebleed traverse that accesses Yellow Trail, where the second backside pic was taken. Yellow Trail is pretty steep but has one of the best pitches for skiing powder on the mountain. I have this theory that powder is much deeper measured on the diagonal, therefore, steeper=deeper. Continuing on, you get to East Greeley via Eddie's High Notch.( Eddie's is up in the rocks above the head and to the left of the skier - that's me- in the first backside pic ) Eddie's is like a miniature Corbet's that drops a few feet onto a lower traverse. It's a bit technical, but on a pow day is pretty forgiving. We didn't do it because it was all avalanched out. We took the mid backside traverse below Yellow Trail to the powder fields of lower East Greeley (first Backside pic). I had to actually break trail, it was that uncrowded. Further on the high Backside traverse there are great lines above the Pyramid Rocks and then you get to Gunsight, which is a natural halfpipe usually accessed from the high traverse on the frontside. Past that is High Greeley and Greeley hill and then North Rustler, and you're back to High Rustler and the frontside again. You can ski the whole Backside and then cut right to travrse back to Sugerloaf lift or keep skiing and hit the Albion base and take the ropetow back to Collins (couldn't resist)

 The area above the Collins Return is East Baldy. It's seldom open and because of the east exposure can cook up and be quite heinous. However, that does not stop certain knuckleheads (like me) from boot packing up there and crashing spectacularly by the third turn on breakable crust in front of everyone on the east side of the mountain...

P.S.- come to think of it, under the right conditions, East Baldy can be pretty nice. Also, you can traverse all the way around to Baldy proper on the Mid Baldy Traverse and access some tasty little chutes above Ballroom. I haven't seen anyone go up there in years, haven't noticed it open. Probably just didn't hit it right... but I did see a couple people come down above the Ballroom traverse today in the trees- looked great.... no idea how they got there.. lots of climbing...
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I've done the backside runs,Mr Crab, including Eddies.

Totally amazing pow shots just posted evoke the strong urge to kill you guys since I've hung them up for the year.
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I'm jealous.
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