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Big Sky Snow Pack

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If my memory serves me correctly Big Sky closed Sunday with the deepest mid-mountain snow accumulation of the year.
Sure is a shame we can't store some of that stuff 'til Turkey Day.
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Usually in El Nino years the snowpack at the end is the highest of the year.  The El Nino keeps the storms from the Pacific channeled below Montana for much of the beginning of the season.  Eventually the storm track creeps north and SW Montana gets dumped on.  Normally that happens in February but it didn't happen until well into March this year.  It is a shame they shut down as we keep getting 12" dumps in the mountains every 3 or 4 days.
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Is Bridger still open? 
Some great things come in some smaller packages.
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NO, They're closed too.
I see why Big Sky closes since they depend so much on the tourist trade to sell tickets but you'd think maybe Bridger could be more flexible.
They are closer to Bozeman and get more day skiers. They might increase their revenue by extending their season a few weekends when conditions are EPIC.
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