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Icelantic Shaman

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Ski Make: Icelantic
Ski Model: Shaman '10 160/110/130 length 184
Snow Conditions Used In: fresh and deep sierra cement, sticky mush
Number of Days Used: 2
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 33
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40
Other Skis: Head Monster 72, Mojo, XRC
Your Height/Weight: 6' 185#

More thoughts on the Shaman:

Took out a friend's Shaman's recently right after a 2' dump of west coast "powder".  Absolutely amazing.  This ski is what the Rossignol Bandit XXX was to straight skis 10 years ago, what the Head Standard was to wood skis with screw-on edges.

Conditions were too deep and not steep enough for my "fat skis", Head Mad-Trix Mojo, 124/89/117.  Visualize human snow-plow, point downhill, sink and stop.  The Shaman's were a blast in these conditions.  Full speed ahead, no worries about diving tips, seemingly unlimited float.

Took a couple runs to get used to them, had a squirrely feel at first, but after that have never gone so fast with confidence in powder before.  Had no trouble with quick turns in the trees.  By the end of the day, I was launching off cat tracks at full speed (and I usually believe that skis should remain in contact with the snow at all times) just having an epic day in what otherwise would have been strenuous and challenging skiing.

I was very pleased to find that I could maintain a forward, athletic stance on these skis in the deep snow.  I very much dislike having to move aft to keep the tips up.  Also, the Shaman's carve up packed snow with aplomb. 

Soon the warm spring sun turned the powder into sticky wet mush.  While I could force the Mojo's through it with great difficulty, the Shaman's made unskiable conditions skiable.

Conclusion:  Bought a pair today.
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Welcome to funshapes....they're called that for a reason. Unfortunately some people will never get it. Great review BTW
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Great review!  Just bought a pair of Icelantic Nomad SFTs today.  Can't wait to get on them, but probably won't be till next season

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Conclusion: Bought a pair today.

I like your conclusion. The ski shop in Glacier, on the highway to Mt Baker, has the Shaman for rental. I chose Bizzard the Answer for a deep day, since I didn't know anything about Icelantic. But now with your review and the other recent Icelantic discussions I can hardly wait to try them. Like MikeC said it, next season...
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Also completely agree with your review. In deep powder through tight trees, nothing else can touch the Shamans.  My Gotamas have been gathering dust on the rack....
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Remember those bandit XXX's you were talkin about, ive got a pair in 193, ill trade them for your shamans any day
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I forgot to include one negative about the Shaman's:  After 36 years of skiing, with the capabilities of these boards, I may just have to buy a helmet.  :)
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Mounted them up today:


Had some new Salomon 850's laying around, bent the brakes to fit, ready to go.  Fairly light weight setup with those bindings.

BTW, the markings on the ski are BC = Alpine boot center  A, B, and C are the 3 pin line for Tele boots of 29.0 and over, 26.0 to 28.5, and 25.5 and under respectively.  CC is chord center.
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welcome to the club, now that you have been bitten, there's no sense in fighting it...... Shamans?  Nomads? Keepers? Pilgrims? Oracles?????
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Closed out the season last weekend at Kirkwood, continue to be amazed by the Shaman's.  While 99.9% of skiers stuck to the groomed and skier packed, I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the deep and steep oatmeal snow.  Maintaining an aggressive forward stance, at speed, in seemingly any condition is the revolutionary aspect of this ski.

And for a ski so fat, short radius fall line turns are practically built in.  Bumps, no problem.

Did find a couple rocks here and there, but though the impact felt bad, bases suffered only minor scratches.

Anyone who prefers to ski off piste owes it to themselves to demo this ski.
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Now you have to demo two more

Nomad SFT


let me know if you need help finding demo's for these.
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For years  I was a Gotoma fan. Then 2 years ago I demo'ed some 174 Shamans at Mammoth. I was kind of heckling the ski reps about the crazy shape,etc. when he called my bluff. Said try it or go away. So I tried it. I was so blown away. Couldn't afford to buy some that season. The following season they came out with a 184cm length which bought this last summer('09). I took my 190 Goats along with the Shamans on my first trip of the season. Tried both skis in all kinds of snow. That was the last time I used the Goats. Now have about 30 days on the Shamans with another 5 or so on my skinny ski which is a 177cm Mantra. The Shamans made every kind of snow fun. The Shamans are practically a 1 ski quiver for me at Mammoth. The snow has to be really hard for me to switch over to something else. Told my kids I was going to try snowboarding this year. I just didn't tell them I was going to wear one on each foot. I'm 59 going on 12 years old with these skis
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Excellent, glad you are enjoying them!  be sure to check out the new Keeper.
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This was my 3rd season on 173's and the Goats I bought at the same time gather dust. DITTO on all said - especially in the deep & trees. My only regret was I wasn't at Snowbird on 5/2 !!!
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"59 going on 12" pretty much says it all about the Shamans, although in my case it's 45 going on 12.  Out here in the west, ski season ain't over until Mammoth closes, which won't be until July 4th.  Can we visualize Shamans, Chair 23, Wipe Out and Drop Out chutes, and the best summer skiing ever?  Yes, most definitely yes.






For the 12 y/o, it's PLAY TIME!




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