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How much "growing room" should I allow for Jr Skier ?

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 My son is a 10 yr old, advanced skier.  He skis double blacks, likes going off trail, bumps, etc; starting to go off of very small drops. He aspires to be a big mountain free skier - and does not race gates.  For the past 2 seasons, he's skied in Head Carve X3 boots, which are a relatively entry level, 3 buckle, soft flex kids boot - but they seemed to serve him well.  He's growing out of these boots and will need new boots for next season.  I found some really smokin' end of season deals on better, somewhat more advianced Jr boots, and I'd like to ensure that there is some growing room, so he can, at the very least go the entire season on the boots, and hopefully get 2 seasons out of them (Papa needs the money to buy his own gear - ya know!).  What's your recommendation on maximum allowable growing room in Jr boots ?  Also, what flex should he be in, he currently weighs around 75 lbs, and I was thinking about 60 flex - IMO, I see a lot of kids in very stiff (100) Jr race boots, and I think it is way too stiff for the majority of kids in his weight range ?  His current boots are a 23.5, and he's just starting to feel a little "crunched" in his toes.  Should I go to 24.5, 25, 25.5 ?
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the only junior boots i sell are race models so this is an area that i normally avoid.... however i would be very cautious about up sizing to make the boot last longer, shell check as with an adult but it i had the option between a 13mm and 23mm shell check i would err to the 23mm based on growing feet, going above 25mm like with an adult is likely to result in a pretty loose fitting boot and there is a risk of injury as the boot is not holding the foot as well as it should (this is based on recreational skiers not racers, where we fit as we would with an adult where possible and explain why to the parents)
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Cool, he's 10 years old, skis double black diamonds, wants to be a big mountain freeskier and weighs 75lbs...

what size are his feet and what is the shell fit on the 23.5 boot like????? This info may seem boring compared to Jr's hopes and dreams, but it's what will get you an answer that might mean something.

Take liner out of shell>place foot in shell w/ toes touching front>measure space behind heel>report findings>get semi-intelligent answer!
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 I've personally skied in boots that were too big - and it's an awful feeling compared to proper fitting boots and degrades skiing ability and performance drastically.  I could  "Shell-fit" my10 yr olds  boots today, but by the time next season starts 7 months from now, his foot could be just slightly larger, or 2 sizes larger depending on growth spurts.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking that I can gamble and guess at his size for next season. Maybe it's just better to wait until the beginning of next season and size boots at that time.  Correct me if you think I'm way off base, but shouldn't a child's boot allow at least some growing room so you can get a full season out of them ?  If you "fit" a pair of boots to a child as you would an adult, you could easily end up going through 2 pairs in just one season.
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^^^ I think you've answered your own question.^^^
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