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Bootfitter in Denver/Summit County area that does not sell boots

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I have visited a few fitters during the past year, and they all try to sell me the boot they are a retailer for.  Nothing wrong with this, expect I have not been sold on any of the offerings.  I finally found a pair i feel work perfect for me.  However, they were at Colorado Ski and Golf, and I would rather a custom fitter tune them to my feet.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you. 
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there are not many fitters anywhere in the world who fit only rather than sell as well, there are a couple, i tried it for 2 seasons but it is not the way to making a living here in the UK (not looking to get rich quick) so i think you may struggle with someone in that area...i will await for someone to tell me the bob at X sports is the guy to see

most fitters will work on a boot bought elsewhere but you have to ask if any of the places you actually went to were boot fitters or just sellers. the only problam you have is that if you buy a boot form somewhere and take it elsewhere for fitting you will get hit for a fitting charge (probably a fairly hefty one) and if the boot is wrong then you may be limited as to what cna be done to it.

if you are going to buy "on your own" so to speak, arm yourself with the information in the wiki at the top of the forum and make sure you at least shell check the boot and make sure it is not too big.... boots can be stretched but not shrunk

so in short, get the boot but make sure the size is right and the shape is close, then take to local FITTER and have any required work done

good luck
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Thanks for the reply CEM.    Yes, my visits have been to actual fitters, not store or shops that simply sell boots.  I did not want to turn this in to a gripe session about boot fitters, but want to relay my last two encounters. 

I set up appointments to visit the fitter.  I walk in carrying my current boots and within two minutes are told "you are in the wrong boots".  The brand of my boots are obviously not what is being sold in the store.  This statement was made not knowing that the only thing wrong with my boots is that they were not properly shell fit and they have packed out and are too large.  Other than that, I love the boots.  The boots are not some rental rejects, they won awards in Ski and Skiing magazine three years back. 

Both places also tried fitting me in to boots that were, quite frankly, not as good as the boots I have (except they are the correct size).  The reason for this is due to my wider foot and large calves.  Most of the higher end models were ruled out due to volume issues, so they tried to sell me something lower end. 

I found the boot I want, after much testing, at Colorado Ski and Golf.  However, I want a fitter to a) help me with a custom liner, b) grind my custom foot bed to fit the boot, and c) make sure all of the canting is correct. 
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I see a lot of people walk into my shop with boots that are the wrong shell size, and a comment I may make is "they are the wrong boots for you", but that doesn't mean they are the wrong brand of boot although that is also likely.
Decent boot fitters usually become good because they sell a lot of boots day after day and fix problems as they arise, it is very hard to become good unless you do retail boots, at my store I carry enough brands of boots so I can fit any foot shape, at times some of them have to be tweaked a little, but that is quite normal if you want a good firm fit.
Shell size is very important as are many other factors, the boot you have now may only fit because it is a size or two too big for you, if you had that same boot in the correct size there is a chance it would be the wrong boot for you.

This forum has some very good boot fitters on it,and some of them may just be in your area, big chain stores usually don't have the best boot fitters, so you need to seek out the specialists, one way of finding a good fitter in an area is to ask a higher level ski instructor, they usually know who the good fitters are.
In my opinion you need to find a really good boot fitter first and then get them to help you select the right boot for you, then get that boot worked to make it fit, part of this will be to trim your footbed as it will be made to fit your boots that are too big already, getting a boot you like and then wanting it fitted is really giving a fitter a challenge unless you know an awful lot about how a boot should fit, chances are you will end up in the wrong boot and a fitter can't do a lot then to get it to fit well.
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Originally Posted by matt7180 View Post

  I finally found a pair i feel work perfect for me. 

I have to ask what do you base this decision on. ?
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Matt, I believe Jeff Bergeron consults on purchases to be made prior to his fitting appointments.  He is in Breckenridge and you will find him in the Who's Who listing of the bootfitters.  Unfortunately, Jeff has not been online with the boot guys for several years.  His posts here were however the founding inspiration for this forum.
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Originally Posted by paulski View Post

I have to ask what do you base this decision on. ?

I base this decision on the fact that I know what boots feel good and what boots do not.  I also base it on the fact that my previous boots worked quite well, except they were a size too large and the liners packed out.  They then became sloppy.  These boots fit better to my foot than the previous boots, and they are the correct shell size. 

Again, the reason I asked about the bootfitter is not because I have foot issues that requires serious modifications.  It is simply that I want to make sure my custom foot beds are fit properly in the new boots, the canting is checked, " I have never had this done" and I would like to buy some Zipfit or Intuition liners. 
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Fair enough, I was curious as I fit boots almost every day and I know if I let people buy what they feel is best for them, they would all be in a boot that is at least one size too big, and quite often two sizes too big, knowing your shell size regardless of the Mondo point size is the way to get it right.

If considering a new liner take a good look at a Sven Zipfit liner over an intuition, they will fit you better for much longer.

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Thanks for the recommendation on the Zipfit.  I will give them a look.

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