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Junior Race Teams - Denver Area

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I've been in the Denver almost a year now and my 9 year old has done an incredible job of adapting to skiing here and improved by leaps and bounds.  My wife and were talking about putting her into a junior race program to see if she liked it.  However, I wanted to get some input and what programs might be available.  She's never raced before and we live in Denver, though we are up in Summit County almost every weekend during ski season.  I'm looking for something to get her started and see if it "sticks" with her so given her age and being a first time racer I'm not looking for something super serious just yet.

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I'd go with EMSC.  I train for Masters at Eldora, and we often co-train with the EMSC juniors.  It's a great program with a great director (Matt Tomasko), excellent coaches, and a very supportive mountain staff.  And...you don't have to drive I-70...


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There are many great race programs in your area. This link will give you a list of all the USSA member programs along with contact information: http://www.ussa.org/magnoliaPublic/other/quicktools.html?path=13

Since you and your wife will be out skiing while your daughter is in her race training program, choose a ski resort where you will want to ski every weekend and holiday.
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Thanks guys for the input!

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From the metro area Loveland has a great program, one of the closest and most reasonable.  check www.lovelandracing.com for details on the programs.  The good thing is that being in Denver you have 5 or 6 really good programs to choose from, depending on your needs and tolerance for back roads/traffic/costs.  I've had kids in a couple of the programs - pm me if you want more details on what I've found over the last 5 years.

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