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Narrow Feet

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I am 5'11' and weigh 150 lbs. The problem is I have AA narrow feet and often swim in C-width boots. I am looking for race boots and I usually ski on hard eastern snow on slalom skis. Any Ideas?
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Hi James--warmest welcome to EpicSki! You might want to repost your question in the Equipment section, or perhaps even the Instruction section, where some very good boot gurus are more likely to see it.

There are certainly boots that fit narrower feet better than others, and that is where you should start your search for the perfect fit. An excellent boot fitter will be able to look at your feet and determine which boots are most likely to fit. From there, you will probably still need the services of the expert fitter, to build a good footbed and to make sure everything else fits perfectly, and aligns you for optimal function and comfort. If you really have "problem feet," they may recommend a custom foam, silicone, or other liner. But even those work best in a shell that isn't too far off!

I'll make a quick shameless plug here for our upcoming EpicSki Academy in Utah in January. Besides a great instructional program, we will have several top bootfitters and alignment specialists there to give a presentation, and to provide individual services to those who need them. (The presentation is part of the program, and the bootfitters will be there throughout to answer questions. Any individual services they provide are a la carte, and you will need to arrange it through them.) Check out the camp details, and plan to join us if you can!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Here, I'll move it for you.

By the way, it might be worth it to run up to Stratton if you really want to get some boots and don't want to wait until ski season. If I remember correctly GMOL at is open year round and Greg can help you pick out the right boot for your feet. He had me squeeze into a new lange that without even buckling up pretty much crushed my foot (left/right) I do have a medium wide foot so it was not too suprising that it did not fit my foot but I don't think I've ever put my foot in a boot that narrow. Ever have someone squeeze your hand so hard you could not curl your fingers. That's what this one felt like.
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Oh yeah, and welcome to Epicski.

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Tecnica makes a low volume last for their boots. Call around, not all ski shops carry the the "LVL" model. Go here Tecnica USA for more info. My dad has feet like yours. His are long and skinny, 11A. He had to drive about 120 miles to get fitted. He's glad he did. He'll be 70 this winter and he plans to get 100 plus days.

good luck,

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I also have very narrow feet. I have been skiing in the Raichle Flexons for 3 seasons now, and they are the first boots I have ever worn that really fit well. These are very low volume, narrow shells. The thermofit liner is heat molded to your foot- warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, Raichle has stopped importing boots into the US, but you may still be able to find them (and at a discount, too, perhaps!) VERY highly recommended.
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Nordica Doberman.
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I've been in Langes because of the narrow last. Tried on a pair of Rossi Race 1's that I could have had for a song ..... but I couldn't even get into them. Same for the Technica Icons, so if your foot is that narrow give them a look.
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Generally, true race boots (those that are available through race departments) are narrower than the retail version. The problem is that these boots are stiff. Not just stiff, but STIFF. There are manufacturers who's boots are very close to team models. Get thee to a competent bootfitter who can best match your feet to the proper boot.
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You do need Race Room boots. They are truely narrower than anyhting available label as narrow for consumers. I am not sure if I can plug my services here but here we go. We have diferent flexes available from most manufacturers from their race rooms, soft and softer flexes. This is stuff that "John Q" never sees. We are one of a hand full of shops that have access to this stuff, this is the only way to get near AA shells. Most consumer AA boots are merely the same as the C shells but with thicker liners.
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What the two previous posters said. At 150lbs you need a boot that has the proper flex for you as well as width. There are other things you have to consider such as ramp angle, forward lean, punching, stretching, canting etc. There is a list of top bootfitters on this site (which includes the previous posters shop which comes highly recommended). Check it out.
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I too have rediculously narrow low-volume feet. I can share my experience and ideas for this year, but ultimately its about trying stuff on with a quality shop.

I have had Lange's for 8 years. 2 shells, 3 liners. Used the stock liner for a week before I was slopping around. This was not the ACD width, but their "consumer" race fit. (The lange is wider this year than last as well). I ended up with silicone injected Zip fit's which have been great. I still think the lange's instep was still a bit high.

Last year I did a bunch of investigating and in the best boot fitter in Cham found a number of models I had never tried/seen very often. I'm going back this fall and from their recomendation trying the Nordica Doberman XS and Raichle Flexon's. I'm worried about the flexon's being too soft, but I'm worried about warmth/long term comfort in the dobermans. The fit is truly low volume, but they have quite a thin liner so I'm just wondering if that is going to lead to uncomfortable feet after a hard day/week?

I also know the Tecnica Icon XT is a race room type boot that is very stiff and low volume, but Expensive. Those are the options from what I have learned at this point.

I haven't been able to get anyone who owns the Doberman to comment on their comfort, warmth, or even how they ski. Anyone know the difference between the DOberman XS and the Doberman? Same last, liner, shell?

Share other info you find as I'm curious to hear more.
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Originally posted by heed:
I'm worried about the flexon's being too soft
Why? - they were stiff enough for a hell of a lot of World Cup racers. OK, I know that they weren't considered stiff enough for old school slalom racing (although Vreni Schneider seemed to manage in them) but I can't imagine this being a problem for many people.

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Originally posted by Nick Thomas:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by heed:
I'm worried about the flexon's being too soft
Why? - they were stiff enough for a hell of a lot of World Cup racers. OK, I know that they weren't considered stiff enough for old school slalom racing (although Vreni Schneider seemed to manage in them) but I can't imagine this being a problem for many people.

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Sorry for the bum post I pushed a wrong button before inadvertently. You may be another victim of "race room " look a likes. Flexons had race room tongues that were available in diferent flexes . They visually looked just like the stock tongues.Do not think that what you see in photo's are the same boots as consumers get. Just like skis it is easy to mask graphics for marketing. The best most current issue of this would be Johny Mosely when he won the Olympics. He was skiing in Tecnicas but sponsored by Lange, or vice a versa, I forget . But his boots were magic markered to resemble the company the $ was coming from.There was and is a great poster of him in the air doing the grab and it is plain as day, check it out !
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Sure, I realise that what the guys were racing on had stiffer tongues and had the cuff bolted - but much the same would apply if you compared any other model of recreational race boot and the "equivalent" world cup racer's boot.

I just don't think that Flexon's would be too soft for any recreational skier. Although I can understand that someone who hasn't skied in them might think they were too soft because of that wonderfully smooth forward flex that doesn't bottom out hard like most other boots do. Only two things wrong with Flexons IMHO, they are too narrow for my feet and the crappy buckles.

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Lange L10's

Narrow, comfy, stiff but not in the titanium tree trunk way but better performance than the Raichle's
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ditto on the L-10 -MAKE SURE GET A CUSTOM FOOTBED-and if that is too lose add a zip liner
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Just a thought: I also weigh 150, but wanted a snug fit - hard to get with my feet. The Rossi Race 1 was good for fit but a bastard to flex. They sold me the Junior Race version - it looks just like the regular Race 1 - fits like a second skin, but I CAN FLEX IT!!!
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The Lange L10 also comes in a junior race version with softer flex but still a great boot. Only thing missing is the thermo flow material in the liner.

And yes...
All hail the mighty footbed
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