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very neglected Volkl AC3's

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 Just bought a pair of AC3 volkl's and they look as if they have never been waxed. Edgesa have light rust. The topsheets are mint though. What I am thinking is they need a base grind and tune but should I put storage wax on now or just leave them until next fall when our ski tuning guru returns?
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 I don't believe that the storage wax is going to make any difference over the summer.  Here's the difference, though.  As you say, the skis were neglected.  I doubt the bases have ever been saturated with wax in the beginning. So what you can do, is to cover the bases with wax, and without scraping/brushing, remelt the wax with the iron a few times.  You may need to drip on some additional wax, as the initial wax is being absorbed and lost on the iron.  Somewhere between 5 and 10 times, will really saturate the bases, and when your tuning guy grinds them in the fall, you'll be way ahead of the game.  This is easy to do, end even a skiing guru will not do this for you (unless you pay for it), because it's labor intensive and costly, but you can do it very cheaply in your garage.
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