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Hyperchange Cafe is Gone

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Joan Rostad, the web mistress of Hypershange Cafe.com, has chosen to close the site, I suspect, for a variety reasons. The key was the lack of participation. At the end, there were about four or five of us that participated regularly. I am sad to see the site go. Most of the discussions were about technical skiing and technical ski teaching. I understand that some of the subject matter may be boring to some of you, but currently, this is one of the few ways we can comminucate with each other.

JR suggests that we all come here, to Epicski. Some of us are already here. I would like to see some of the topics presented on this forum for discussion, ie, technical definitions and teaching definitions. We had a pretty good start on this and perhaps JR might be kind enough to post some of them here on Epic. Not all of them at one time, but just a few terms at a time.

What do you all think?
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I liked that site, but did not use it much. Because of EpicSki.
We've already welcomed the webmistress here, and her posts are always interesting, as is the sense of humor.

A lot of EpicSki members have never seen it. Revive at least some of the threads here, and the content will reach more people that have an interest in it. The "best of" existing content too.

Of course we have to plead the case to the higher authorities here.. Mebbe this would make a good poll?
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Rick, JR/nolo has been so busy on EpicSki, to all our benefit, that a larger audience here can learn from her and the subjects you folks discussed at the Hyperchange Cafe.

So post ahead..

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Oh my. That's the first time I have been referred to as a mistress. It makes me feel very Lady Chatterly. (Wouldn't that be a great handle for a discussion group?)

I appreciate the kind words, gents. It was definitely a case of out with the old, in with the new.

I like this place and the people very much. Thanks again to AC for the clean machine we get to drive.
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Although I liked hyperchange I found it difficult to keep up with what was going on.

What I really liked, though, was the great articles posted there (The Spirit in the Skis was the BEST). Maybe JR can post some of those here in the Premium Article Collection of the Suporters Lounge?

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It is sad to see hyperchange go, it was a very high quality website. Such discussion is certainly welcome here, but hyperchange was one of a kind.

Nolo has very generously sent me some excellent articles for the Premium Article collection (a little while ago), and they will be up soon! (the slacking is on my part, lots going on, but they will be available ASAP)
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The articles/resources on hyperchange were especially useful. I printed out quite a few of the teaching ones last year.
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Is this what comes to mind, nolo?

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Wow. Great idea. Helmet art for students! My girls already have "Chicks Rule" stickers on their skis, but a cool mascot like this for their helmets--made very small, like a secret handshake, hardly noticeable--would be another nice touch to make Chix on Stix more of an exclusive club.

I get my best stuff from you guys on this forum. Would anyone like to create an inspirational graphical masterpiece to adorn these fine ladies' Boeris and Giros (signed, of course)? This could be fun. We could have a poll to select the winner. Whattaya think?

As the client, I like SnoKarver's cartoon realism but I think these women would identify more with being beautiful goddesses than being satanic beauties.

I hope the idea is not presumptuous! I'm just trying to make some fun.
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