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VC, that's a tough rehab.  Keep with it, you'll soon be back to full speed.


I'm a bit more fortunate than you.  My injury was 2/26, surgery 3/16.  Last week, I rode 210 miles outdoors with an equivalent 18 or so on the stationary bike.  My knee was a bit swollen on Monday.  But I've go no legitimate reason to complain.


My OS told me that it'll be a full year to recover.  I'm feeling that my cycling is at about 90%.  My cycling coach thinks I'm well ahead of where he thought I'd be.  My power numbers are still a bit down from last year, although my average speeds are not off much from last year.  I am not, however, climbing as much as I did last year.


This weekend will be my first "full load" weekend.  I've got a 5+ hour ride Saturday, with a 3-4 hour ride Sunday.  It'll be interesting to see how it goes.