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red snow again this year (Colorado)?

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Today I caught the last day at Ski Sunlight (outside Glenwood Springs,CO). Turns out some high winds on Tuesday last week blew in a deposit of red dust from Utah. This happened last spring too. Anybody ski Aspen resorts this weekend? I am planning on catching Aspen Mtn when it reopens next weekend but have to rethink...I am curious how widespread the problem is in Colorado?
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Very widespread. There were two dust events in the past two weeks. There is concern that, as these layers are exposed by melt, they will greatly accelerate snowmelt and early runoff, complicating water management in the summer. 
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A friend's theory is that it is a conspiracy by Utah to melt our snow, so they can ruin our fun and get the spring ski tourism.

The snowpack in the San Juans got nailed by the dirt as well but the skiing is still good and fun:

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The red dust made it to Eagle and Summit County.

A similar event happend last year. When skiing the powder right after the storm, you would clear away the white 8" or so that fell after the red 8" and leave red tracks. The opposite of Alpinord's picture. Very surreal.

Other years, as the town has removed snow from the streets, you could see distinct layers of red in the snow pack. Similar to tree rings or cross-sections of the earth.
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There's more dust forcast for today!   Aspen's still skiing good.  I'd probably wax real well and do a hot scrape after the weekend.   I'm planning on being there the last weekend. 
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Does this mean in additonal to rock skis you must have dust skis as well?  Maybe that excuse will work on my wife when I buy the next pair of skis.
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Need to add that to the 'rationalization list' cstreu1026. Truth is, it's way less abrasive than man-made snow or coral reef skiing. It softens the corn sooner, so you may need time things differently than typical frozen crust. It was like surfing the other day. Lots of fast fun.

The layer we got during one of the Christmas storms the season before this was very distinct. I was bizarre skiing the white layer off, creating fans of re/brown. The that spring several storms brought several more layers and toasted the spring skiing fast.
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Speaking of San Juan dust, Alpinord. Thanks for the tips on the BC. My bro isn't sure if he is going your way or not. With snow in the forecast and corn on his mind, he might just head back east. He had nearly 3 weeks of continuous pow on his trip; he is looking for spring now.
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Aspen mountain is skiing great. Mashed potatoes and gravey I call it, but it skis nice. Headed up this morning!
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You hiking Lloyd?  See you and the family the last weekend!
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I'll be here skiing. looking forward to it! Gondy at 9:45?
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Yeah, maybe even a little earlier?  It's going to puke on us because I have a late flight in Friday and I've only had to drive up twice this year!
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snow is coming and you always seem to bring it. good luck getting in. Call me.
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