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Line Prophet 90/100?? Which other skis should I be looking at?

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Hi all

I'm in the market right now for a new pair of skis. I'm 70kg / 155 pounds, approx 180cm / 5ft 10.

I am a true all mountain skier. On a typical day I'll be skiing moguls, trees, groomed, steeps, pretty much anything and everything. Sometimes I ski aggressive, sometimes I'm lazy, sometimes a bit in between. I definitely like a lot of variety, and just like being out there no matter what I'm skiing on any given day. Given all that, I've found it extremely difficult to pick out a pair of skis that would be good for me.

I currently ski on Rossi Scratch blings in a 176 (basically a park ski, but I use them as an all mountain ski), which I bought when I was an unemployed ski bum with not much money. Nowadays price luckily isn't such an issue. I like that they are light and that I can play around a bit, but they definitely feel limiting in terms of stability. I'd also like something a bit fatter - I ski mostly in the banff area, but pretty much anywhere in western canada during the winter.

Basically, I'm looking for something that combines the playfullness of my current skis, with something stable and versitile enough to ski anything on the mountain, but something that will still go alright on hardpack.

I guess the ski that is standing out for me right now is the line prophet 100 (or possibly the 90?). I've read reviews and it seems like an awesome ski, but I'm hoping someone could come on here and confirm that for me or point me towards any other skis that might be suitable. I spoke to someone skiing them on a lift today and she absolutely swore by them. Unfortunately I can't find anyone in Calgary who will demo them, so I'm kind of stuck with recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any help


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I use the 100 as my all mountain ski when it hasn't snowed in a few days. It's the ski that i'm going to take into next season with me. it just does what I want when I want it to. Stable at speed, doesn't deflect to much in the crud, but is still poppy enough to be fun. I have never wished that I was on a skinier ski. Even when it was boilerplate. It's got decent float in the pow too.

Here in the NW the conditions can change by the hour. The P100 has always been real consistent for me. That's why I bought another pair when I felt that I had outgrown the 172's.

It seem to be a popular rec from some of the people on this forum.
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Take a peak at the Volkl Bridge.It is an all mountain twin tip that rocks in all conditions.I got it originally as a play ski and now pretty much ski it everyday.At 130-92-112,it has a decent amount of float but still carves pretty well even on some of the hardest "northeastern hardpack!"Also,there is no metal so it is playful but surprisingly stable even at higher speeds.Check it out if you get a chance.
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my other question, is if i went with the line would i go for a 172 or 179?

my current 176's are perfect. the woman i met on the lift who had the p100's was saying her 172's ski like a regular 172 (ie. the twin tip doesn't change much). in that case im thinking 172? but im worried that might be a bit short. 179 seems long though, i've never skied on anything longer than my current 176's
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I went from the 172 I learned on this year to a 186. If your a decent enough skier you should get the 179. Don't be afraid to get a little ski under you. A few extra cm won't overwhelm you. After all this is an all mountain semi-fat twin. Not a frontside carver. Just my humble opinion. But my 186 tracks like a rocket ship but turns quickly when I need/want.
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They may seem a bit too wide for you (106 or 108mm waist depending on length), but I completely LOVE my Scott P4's all over the mountain.  They are so quick & versatile for a 100 mm+ ski. Very manuverable, but stable at speed. The only conditions I haven't skied them in is ice.
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