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Jimmie Heuga Memorial Vintage Ski Race

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As many of you may already know, I'm big into skiing and ski history. Yesterday was the Inaugural Jimmie Heuga Memorial Vintage Ski Race. It was part of the US Ski Hall of Fame Induction weekend festivities: http://www.beavercreek.com/events-and-activities/antique-ski-race.aspx?cmpid=ESS00066

Here is a wide selection of skis that were for sale by www.vintagewinter.com.

010 skis in rack.JPG

Sleds from www.vintagewinter.com

030 sleds.JPG

A ski and andor (the ski was for sliding, the shorter andor was for kick)

040 ski and andor.JPG

The race starter would wave his flag to signal that you should leave the start.


130 the starter - ready.JPG


150 the starter - go.JPG

I went as fast as I could on my Rossi ROC 210s. The start had a little pitch, then got flat, so skated turns were the turn of the day.

190 Doug racing.JPG

The last several turns were on a pitch.

230 Doug racing.JPG

It was an absolute honor to race with Billy Kidd. He was my idol as a young racer and I had a picture of him on my wall, along with Andrea Mead Lawrence and Henri Duvillard.

270 Doug and Billy Kidd.JPG

The whole group of 'retro' skiers. Young David Coombs number 19 in the foreground, the son of the late Doug Coombs.

350 group photo.JPG

Debbie Heuga with Billy Kidd on her left and Chuck Ferries on her right. Billy Kidd, Jimmie Heuga, Buddy Werner and Chuck Ferries were teammates in the '64 Olympics.

391 Debbie Heuga, Billy Kidd and Chuck Ferries.JPG

More of the vintage skis for sale.

410 wood skis.JPG

I went home with a pair of 1920's skis that were part of the first place prize for Men's Metal division which also included an Epic Pass for 2010-2011.

420 skis of the day.jpg

It was a great day for everyone.

I've put the entire set of photos in an album at my Windows Live photos page: http://photos.rdbriggs.com
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 Nice TR! 
Thanks for sharing....
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Wow, what a cool day.  Sorry I missed this when it came out. Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome concept.  Sounds like a great event.

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Cool stuff and congrats on first place.

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Thanks, guys. It was a ball. I'm sorry to have missed the one last year. I hope to make it again this spring.

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MR, I was hoping to see you in this vid, but no dice...



Are they running the Memorial again this Spring?

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This is the first I have seen of this thread.  Wow, what an experience.  I bet you had a blast MR!!!

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