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Rossignol Phantom SC 87 or Nordica HR-Pro Helldiver Ca???

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I meant Helldiver not Helldriver
I am looking for a new pair of 2009-2010 skis and I've narrowed down my choices to either the Rossignol Phantom SC-87 or the Nordica HR-Pro Helldiver CA. I've tried the Rossignols and really liked them, but the Nordicas sound great too. I ski about 70% trees and ungroomed runs and 30% groomers. When there's fresh powder I'll spend the whole day off the groomers. I want something that will perform well in any condition with an emphasis on off-piste skiing. Something quick turning is important to me for the trees and groomers. Any suggestions?
I also have questions about the bindings for each ski.
Do the Nordicas have integrated bindings or will I have to get them mounted if I order them online?
What bindings do you suggest for the Rossignols? Christysports.com says Rossignol Freeski2 140 (90mm) and that's the only recommendation I found.
I ski in Deer Valley Utah 35+ days a year and nowhere else, and I can ski anything there.

Height- 5'7"
Weight- 145 lb

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Can't help on your choice since I have not tried either ski (though I suspect based on past experience that a Nordica and Rossi will feel and ski differently).  I did see note this deal on the Nordicas while trolling for bargains:

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I already found those $450 ones. Thanks for looking though. If I get those skis I'll probably buy them from there.
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If anybody has either of these skis would u mind weighing them or telling me the weight if u already know. I can't find them anywhere and I've heard the weight of the Nordicas is an issue for some people. Is it really a big deal as far as performance or are the only problems people have riding the lifts and carrying them home?
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SB77- What do you prefer, Nordica or Rossi?
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I have  a 178cm 2008-2009 Helldiver.   I really like the ski.  I use it in most conditions.  I'll use my Sugar Daddy's if there's more than about a foot of new snow.  I've used them light powder (up to about a foot), hard pack and in slushy/cruddy  snow.  They seem to work fine in all these conditions.  They turn pretty quick and are stable at any reasonable speed. 

The Helldiver's have integrated marker bindings.

Height 6', Weight 200 lb.  Ski mostly ungroomed at Squaw.
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SB77- What do you prefer, Nordica or Rossi?


It pains me to say this because I have owned a number of Rossignols over the years but I would have to say Nordica.  I would think they would be a little grippier when Deer Valley skis hard and fast and ski work equally well off trail (this is only based on having demoed Nordicas a number of times rather than having skied the actual model you are considering).
 However, since you ski at Deer Valley exclusively, I am assuming you have been on the the Rossis from the demo center a number of times and know that you like them.  If you could find a similar deal on those, it might be the safer choice. I would not worry too much about the binding as long it is an advanced level binding and the brake is wide enough for the ski.
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135lbs, 5' 7" Level 8, east coast. Did not try the Nordicas but did get a couple hours on the SC 87s earlier this year. They did not sing to me particularly (I liked the Sultan 85 better), but they were very good in the trees and bumps, and in the deepest and softest we had on that day (maybe 8" of midweight untracked, from a day or two earlier). If I had to buy a ski for ONLY those conditions (soft / bumps / trees, but nothing really deep and no hard groomed), I would consider the Rossis.
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