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Newsletter 4/13/10: What Did You Learn this Year? Sierra Trading Post, Swift Silent Deep Contest

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What Did You Learn this Year?

All good threads start with a great question like Jimski's, especially when they begin with a line like this: "I've befriended the three homeless people who hang on my one-block walk from subway to office.  Last month, at the end of a conversation with one of them, I said "We all need to hang in there" and she responded: "No, don't just hang in there, we need to move forward!" 
Photo by Finndog, Valle Nevado, Chile

SavoirFaire had the ultimate good answer: "I learned how to ski. Now that was a great decision!" Was that the voice of experience in snowyPhil65's warning, "The worst thing you can do when in the middle of a jump is to have second thoughts about being there"? Said Vinstant sagely, "I learned and continue to learn that one good turn deserves another." Amen!

Spring Deals From Sierra Trading Post

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Swift. Silent. Deep. Contest.

Give us yimages-1.jpegour best stoke and we'll return the favor! Submit your best Trip Report and win the destined-to-be-a-classic dvd about the rope-ducking renegades of the Jackson Hole Air Force, who had the foresight to film many of their own exploits in the air and out of bounds. The "Air Force" is to say that this band of brothers likes to huck, and as expected, this film abounds with big air, fearless skiing, and scenic slopes blanketed in virgin powder. This is highest-quality ski-porn! The film has a plot with a deep philosophical message underlying the homegrown footage of hero skiing. The story about how the JHAF, notably the late Doug Coombs and JHAF founders Benny Wilson and Howard Henderson, ultimately forced open the backcountry gates at ski resorts by challenging their authority to refuse access to national forest lands through a form of civil disobedience worthy of Thoreau. 

How to enter:

  • Submit a Trip Report that you feel represents the spirit of Swift. Silent. Deep. to this thread (link).
  • The TR can be a classic that you posted years ago or one you wrote just for this occasion.
  • Photos are desirable but not mandatory.
  • You must be the author of the TR.
  • You must submit the TR in its entirety--links to TRs posted on other sites will not qualify.
  • This contest will run until midnight May 19, with TEN winners announced May 20.  

New at EpicSki!

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  • When viewing a sub-forum, we will see a drop down menu at the top of the forum which will allow us to filter what threads are displayed based on the most popular tags in that forum. For example, we can filter for only the Bump Skiing threads in the Ski Instruction and Coaching forum.   
  • These can include the 10 most frequently used site tags (or miscellaneous tags), the 10 most frequently used category tags, the 10 most frequently used brand tags, and the 10 most frequently used product tags.

Put 'em on Ignore

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