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Bushwacker's Western Tour

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 So I'm heading west for a couple week next week. I should be in Vail area to ski with Finndog and Philpug and whoever else shows up on Friday and saturday(4/16-17). Then its off to Utah to ski at mostly the bird and maybe alta's closing day. Possible sidetrips to PNW and Cali are in the works as well.

doin this couch surfing style and have already been hooked up in utah by a former epic member. If you have a place to stay in Co for me and my buddy that would be awesome.

anyways I would love to ski with ya guys PM if you interested in meeting up. If you know the mountain even better:). Also if your going to be at the bird and want shown around I probably know the mountain better than you :).

cheer and cya some of ya soon
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Bushwack you got the life, enjoy and post pics.
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Madeline and I will probably be down to the Bird or  Alta one day per weekend for the next few weeks. Gimme a shout when you will be around and maybe we can meet up.
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