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Avy work in Kazakhstan...

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Priceless video
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  I'd love to know what they were saying.
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 Some of it's pretty hard to make out (nonnative speaker in the beginning, radios, etc.).


Some checks back and forth -- You ready? Things ready? Is the explosive device ready? Etc. Something about three minutes (we've been ready for three minutes already?)


After the explosion: Great! A good one!


Then a bunch of expletives based on the words "intercourse" and "penis."


An expletive usually translated as "oh, fiddlesticks" -- but it's based on the word "intercourse."


Something about something being all filled up (wherever the guy was filming from?). Something like "did it (the avalanche) move normally? -- Yes, it did, but there was no reason for it to go there."

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 WOW...thats not going to be cheap.. looks like it took the cables and a bunch of chairs down and buried them.
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Priceless indeed, those guys totalled the chairlift but probably saved lives. Pretty seriously funny nonetheless.
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 How do you say "Holy Crap"!
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So these are the guys that other thread, "Who is the dumb ass that dreams up these closing dates"; refer to.  We all speak the same language at moments like this.

Saw one of these long ago at Alyeska.  They shot down a chute way up on Max's Mt, and it just kept coming.  Everybody bailed from the day lodge towards the parking lot and beyond.  When the sound stopped and we went back what a mess.  All of the windows were gone, there was about 12' of snow inside the lodge, and worst of all the base of our only chair was broken. 

Maybe the worst part is that it took out the bar, because everybody needed a drink that morning. 
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i heard about this lift, it is topmost Tchimboulak lift a.k.a 3rd tier, and it is closed 98% of the time. Here's the "piste" map:

The place avalanches every single year, from the pass to the right.

They tend to open this lift only when there's no more snow down the mountain, and it goes like this: first they start an avalanche to have some snow down there, then they groom the debris, then the lift starts.
This year there were much more snow, and they messed it up.

Off-piste is absolutely uncontrolled in .kz, and freeride is known to be deadly there. They even do not have flyable helicopters ready to rescue...
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Borat says that the avalanche was caused by Uzbeki terrorists who used flatulence to loosen the fine Kazakh snow.
The catapults of Kazakhstan are now being readied for retaliation!
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